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What is Boudoir Photography?

Photography by Jo Belfield www.jobelfield.comImage

What is Boudoir?

It is easiest to begin with what boudoir isn’t – it’s not pornographic, overt or fine art nude. It is usually a makeover and a photoshoot of intimate natural portraiture that shows the females inner beauty in an intimate, “boudoir” like setting. A glimpse of her private self, not the public persona. This embraces her feminine, sensual side but is also an experience that is about female strength and empowerment. It’s about the woman being herself whatever that means to that individual.

Why Does It Appeal?


Women will seek a photoshoot for a number of reasons. It has become increasingly popular for a new bride to give an album of boudoir photographs to her groom as a wedding present. They are also sometimes given as an anniversary or birthday present to their significant other. Sometimes the client’s reason is entirely personal – to celebrate a 40th birthday, a significant weightloss, as a confidence boosting exercise or even following a divorce. Sometimes the benefit to the woman is just the experience of being pampered, a new found confidence and some images to treasure in years to come. A chance to feel beautiful and goddesslike in a way that is entirely personal to them.


What Should You Wear?


The usual attire is something that you would wear in private – however a lot of different versions of this exist and again it is up to the preference and character of the individual client. Popular choices include lingerie, negligees, silk pyjamas, nudity (which can be covered with fabric or bedding or clever posing if wished), corsets, stockings and suspenders, a man’s evening shirt or dinner jacket. There has also been a trend in themed boudoir sessions such as Vintage Boudoir made popular by the awesome Julia Boggio www.juliaboggio.com and burlesque boudoir. Really it is completely up to the client but a good photographer will talk to you beforehand to discuss your ideas and requirements.


How Do You Choose A Boudoir Photographer?

The most important thing is to choose a photographer that you will get along with a feel comfortable with. This is true in my opinion of any photoshoot but it is especially true of a boudoir photoshoot when you are showing your most intimate self. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you choose a female photographer though some women will prefer to. As mentioned before, a good photographer will talk to you beforehand to discuss what you want to get out of the photoshoot and your ideas so the photoshoot can be tailored to your individual requirements. Most photographers will offer hair and makeup as part of a package but will perhaps also provide lingerie, costumes and props such as feather fans and boas. Sometimes having props is really helpful as having something to hold can give the client something to focus on and helps relieve nerves. You may also want to ask how many outfit changes you can have, hairstyle changes and how many other people will be having their photos taken at the same time as you as some businesses operate a conveyor belt of sets where a group of ladies move from set to set at the same time whereas other places will just have you and a photographer (and maybe an assistant, stylist or makeup artist) in the same room.



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  1. Diane
    July 3, 2012

    I’ve seen some really cheesy boudoir images in the past, but these are really fresh, Jo. You’re so great at capturing people’s personalities on film!

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