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Getting to know us: films

We asked our contributors – what was the first film you saw at the cinema? And the last?

Keris Stainton: My first was, I think, Dumbo. I was carried out, crying (I still haven’t seen it to the end). The last (grown-up) film I saw at the cinema was The Hunger Games. Loved it.

Annemarie Flanagan: Ring of Bright Water – I fidgeted all the way until the very traumatic bit with the otter…(I won’t spoil it if you never seen it!)

The Hunger Games was my last one too – loved it so much I saw it again (even better second time). Thought Jennifer Lawrence was just perfect at Katniss.

Sarah Painter: My nana took me to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and I was – properly, completely – terrified of the grabby trees and evil queen. Shudder. The last film I went to see was Avengers Assemble. Stupid title, brilliant film. The four of us giggled like loons all the way through.

Anne-Marie Taylor: I think the first film I saw at the cinema was Snow White, but I don’t remember my reaction to it. I know I saw ET and it freaked me out – the bit where they were doing all those tests on him had me in hysterical tears, according to my poor Dad!

The last film I saw was Moonrise Kingdom. LOVED it 🙂

Diane Shipley: The first film I saw at the cinema was The Care Bears Movie, and it freaked me out. (I had to go to the toilet for a bit to hide and still don’t know how it ends.) The last was Young Adult, which gave me a lot of feelings.

Melissa MacFarlane: My first film was Snow White, my Grandad took us whilst he’d a few cheeky pints at the pub and snored loudly all the way through it. I thought it was brilliant!

The last film I saw was Breaking Dawn.

Emma Johnston: First movie I watched was 101 Dalmatians. I think it was a special in the cinema or something, cos it was ’84 or ’85, and it was released late ’70s I think.

I’m quite a regular cinema goer, and went last night. To see Jaws. Yes, the original, hide behind the sofa movie. And I have to say it was absolutely amazing in the cinema!! I still jumped at the jumpy bits, and cheered when he said ‘we’re gonna need a bigger boat’. I was alone in that cheering, but I don’t care.

Michele Brouder: My parents took my sisters and me to see Sleeping Beauty at the drive-in on a hot summer’s night. My all time favorite Disney movie. The last grown up movie that I saw was Bridesmaids. Yeesh, that was last summer!

Keren David: First was Mary Poppins – I was three and it terrified me, had to be taken screaming out of the cinema (I was scared that the chimney sweeps would fall off the roof). last one was The Dictator –  gross, silly, sexist but quite funny.

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2 comments on “Getting to know us: films

  1. clodaghm
    July 11, 2012

    I think the my first was a Winnie the Pooh movie, but I don’t remember how I felt about it. I go to the cinema a lot, and the last movie I saw was The Five Year Engagement, which was okay, but a bit hit and miss.

  2. msmac (@msmac)
    July 16, 2012

    The first film I remember seeing was Mary Poppins too. I loved it. I really had to wrack my brains to remember the last film I saw at the flicks. It was Dark Shadows. I enjoyed it at the time but really, I think the fact I could barely remember says a lot.

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