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Happy talk (or do you want some cheese with that whine?)

Isn’t he adorable? I know. He really is. Cute as a button and all shiny and happy. And chatty? Blimey, is he ever chatty. He. Does. Not. Shut. Up. Particularly when there’s something new to learn about, which is great, I know. And I’m not complaining. Okay, maybe a bit. Because at 8 in the morning when I’m trying to have my first cup of tea of the day, it gets a bit… wearing.

“How does that machine maked the waters?”

“What these chairs maked from?”

“How did they maked the swimming pool?”

“Where these trees maked from?”

“Why do clothes don’t go in the other hospital?”

You’ll notice something about most of those questions (apart from the last one, which “maked” no sense at all), they’re about how things are made. And I don’t know the answer. But Joe doesn’t care. I try to give him an answer, say, “Well, the water isn’t made by a machine…” but then I’m interrupted with “Why?” Over and over again. Harry didn’t do the “Why?” thing and I was so relieved. He does it now though to wind me up. Works like a charm.

On holiday recently, Joe frequently gave up on the incessant questioning and went for World Champion Whining instead. He’s mastered saying “Mamaaaaa” in a tone that makes me want to pull my own ears off. Particularly when, if I don’t answer immediately (perhaps I’m taking a deep breath, counting to ten…), he goes up in pitch and volume. I can’t really remember anything he whined about – it was mainly “Where we goinnnnnnnn” “What we doinnnnnnnnn” type nonsense, but the tone… the tone lingers. David said he heard it in his sleep.

It’s a good job he’s so cute. (Joe, not David.)


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2 comments on “Happy talk (or do you want some cheese with that whine?)

  1. John Beresford
    July 26, 2012

    Any time now he’s going to twig that he can combine the two approaches. Yes he will. Get ready to be subjected to the WHYNE.

    • Keris
      July 29, 2012

      Oh blimey, that doesn’t bear thinking about.

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