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Let the Sun Shine In

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I started planning this post a couple of weeks ago, when it seemed as if it had been raining forever and we would never see the sun again. Some ideas for bright bursts of cheering yellow would be just the ticket to create some sunshine indoors. Of course, now the sun has returned with a vengeance, and all I want to do is lie in a cool, dark room with a cold flannel on my forehead…. Still, we all know it won’t be like this for long so I press on!

Bright yellow can be tricky to get right as an “all-over” colour – what seems charming in the tester pot can be overwhelming on four walls, especially if there’s not much natural light coming in (I’d go for something softer, like this or this). However, accents of vivid yellow – even something as simple as a vase filled with joyful tulips, or a bowl of lemons – can really lift the heart and bring a room to life.

Classically paired with white for a fresh look (see the kitchen below), yellow also works really well with most other colours – at the moment it’s very chic to combine it with grey. I love the unexpected neon zap of the coffee table against the dark blue sofa here:

I want this chair. I really really want this chair (look at those buttons! It’s gorgeous in the acqua too. And the navy). Annoyingly, I absolutely cannot afford this chair 😦

£899 (ouch) from John Lewis

This Orla Kiely storage jar is a tad more affordable (although still pretty flippin’ pricey, sorry):

£42, from Heals

Stunning glasses, perfect for that bedside glass of water, or for holding toothpaste and brushes in the bathroom:

LSA Ania glass tumbler, £17 for a set of 4 from Occa-Home

I’m a fan of the combination of pink and yellow (this is lovely), so this bed linen really appeals. I’d wake up thinking I was in Hawaii 🙂

Moving to the kitchen, how about a zingy splashback like this? You can create a similar effect with these glass subway tiles (great for a small or dark kitchen as they reflect the light). Breakfast on a gloomy winter’s day would certainly be a more cheerful experience.

For more yellow inspiration, see my “For Bea” board on Pinterest.


2 comments on “Let the Sun Shine In

  1. diane
    July 27, 2012

    Ooh, pretty! I LOVE yellow and pink together.

  2. Viv Row
    July 27, 2012

    I want the yellow chair also….soooo gorgeous!
    Love all the yellow, one of my favourite colours at the mo. Fab:-)

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