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Ten Top Tips for Photographing Children!

Jo Belfield PhotographyThe summer holidays is an ideal time for getting some great photographs of your children. Here are my top ten tips for taking gorgeous images you’ll want to show off!

  1. Get down to their level – even with little babies. Pictures can be made by seeing someone at an angle you don’t normally see them. We look down at children so often that being at their level can really make a difference.
  2. Focus on the eyes! If you can choose where your camera focuses focus on the eyes. Sharp eyes can make a picture, blurry eyes can break it!
  3. If you have a Diva, a Poser or a Runarounder then let them do their thing – a lot – eventually they will run out of energy and you will get some lovely natural images and expressions as they rest! Patience is the key!
  4. Get in close. Your pictures don’t need to look like a school photograph! Don’t be afraid to get in really really close with a zoom or your feet! Losing the top of the head is usually fine but some people really hate that so it is a matter of personal preference – however cropping the chin off mostly just looks odd!
  5. Get your child to mess around and be silly in front of the camera. Get them to pull the silliest faces then as soon as they stop and laugh or smile THEN you take the picture! Did I mention patience? Patience and timing!
  6. Not all your photographs need to be of your child smiling. Try and photograph them at different times and in different moods and show the different facets of their personalities.
  7. When photographing children together try and get them to play and interact together and capture the relationship between them. Maybe start by posing them but then encourage natural posture and interaction and you’ll get the best pictures!
  8. People often look better at a ¾ position. Children are no exception!
  9. Even tiny babies move really fast! You might need to use Servo focus or sports setting which will focus on the subject and track it even with a kicking baby and especially crawling ones!
  10. Don’t keep your camera in a drawer – keep it with you and use it! Keep looking for images – the more you look the more you’ll take and the better you’ll get!

Jo Belfield is an award winning photographer who runs Jo Belfield Photography from her studio in Cheshire www.jobelfield.com,

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