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Living a full fat life


I had the idea for this post after I saw the image above plastered all over my Facebook page the other day.

Just so you know, this isn’t going to be a thin-bashing post. but I did notice something. Putting aside all the obvious comments about airbrushing and the fact that Victoria’s Secret clearly want us to love our bodies with the proviso that they are very slim indeed, all the models on the Victoria’s Secret image look, to be frank, as miserable as sin.

The girls on the Dove image, by contrast, are all smiling.

Doesn’t that challenge the accepted opinion that you can only be happy if you’re thin? Or that unless you conform to the media stereotype of a ‘perfect’ woman, you can’t be happy? Of course, the models in the top picture might all be very happy in reality. The smiles on the faces of the Dove ladies may well be fake. The point I’m making, in my topsy turvy, roundabout way, is that you don’t actually NEED to be thin to be happy. Great if you are, kudos to you. But being fat doesn’t have to mean a life of self-inflicted misery and self hatred.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently trying to lose weight or have decided to knock the dieting malarkey on the head for good and just let yourself be. If you put doing things off until you’re slim, slimmer, a certain size or weight, it’s a complete and utter waste of your life….and you only have one of those as far as I know. I used to read slimming magazines, back in the day, and all the before pictures were of miserable women in hideous clothes…while the after shots were smiling, skinny women with professional make up and a stylist let loose on them. They would complain that their lives were awful before they went on Wonder Diet and now they were deliriously happy because they took up less space on a train seat.

That’s crap. I’ve been miserable thin and I’ve been ‘want to do the Snoopy Dance’ happy when I’ve been fat. I realised, after umpteen diets and a gain of rather a few stone on when I started, that in fact my weight made absolutely no difference whatsoever to my overall happiness levels, except when I was (a) dieting, which always made me miserable and (b) clothes shopping.

Don’t fall for the media lie that you have to be miserable if you’re overweight. Or that if you’re super-slim your life will be one huge bed of perfectly perfumed pink roses. It’s just made up by weight loss companies to sell you their diets. And perpetuated by magazines and newspapers that are funded by said weight loss companies, and have to tow the party line. Just do your thing, wear what you want to, look after yourself in whatever way makes you feel good and enjoy your life. Then you’ll feel great, look fantastic with it and you won’t ever need to ‘starve yourself happy’…which can only ever be a good thing, right?


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I'm a former civil servant turned writer-girl and I've been freelance since 2007, despite plenty of wailing about how it 'just isn't working out' and worrying about the bills. I'm a bit of a write-o-holic. I'm also a bit of a chubster, love to drink coffee and eat posh biscuits.

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  1. Erin Le Clerc
    October 19, 2012

    Great advice, Sarah! 🙂

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