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Stressing, de-stressing and distressing

Own up, now.  You thought I’d forgotten about you, right?  Well, I did and I didn’t.  I’ve been the ultimate Stress Bunny for the past week, with an impending wedding to capture (now, in the bag) and a team of incompetent Solar Panel people to deal with (now, dealt with) and I am finally coming down the other side.  Sadly, as far as recommendations go, my ‘pick of the week’ was on telly last night, so this might be THE worst ‘what’s on’ advice ever given, but this is what on demand-style TV is all about, right?

In case you need inspiring, enlightening and generally feel an urge to embrace new possibilities, then please do look up a repeat of Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer (BBC2, 21:00).  Try as I might, I am at absolute zero in terms of motivation to lose weight and/or adopting a different approach to eating and this programme has me all fired up and ready for action.  Granted, none of it has been substantially or medically proven enough to warrant it being the next big thing, but I heard enough in 60 minutes to convince me to give it a whirl.  What did it for me, was that, weight loss aside, it’s proclaimed to offer a halved chance of certain cancers, diabetes and dementia in old age, ultimately prolonging life in a very healthy way.  This could be revolutionary.

Anyway, I was stressed and then last night, I became de-stressed with Horizon and immediately afterwards, distressed at the season finale of The Walking Dead (Ch5, 22:00) which was an angry, confuddled gore-fest culminating in the knowledge that it won’t be returning to our screens until next year.  WTF?  However will I cope?  Hopefully, with Persons of Interest which takes the spotlight next week.  Because I’m so late this week, I’ll stick in a few of the best for you and leave it at that, with the promise of new delights next week.

So, Ruthless People (Gold, 21:00) is on tonight.  What better way to wave to farewell to Evil Tuesday than with a slice of Zucker/Zucker/Abrahams?  It’s an 80s classic and I know they say no cheese before bed, but I urge you to make an exception.  Zany, fast-paced and fun, the comedy acting is half inspired and half absolute shite, but that’s what makes it so fabulous.

Jumping to Thursday, don’t let the strangely un-enthralling description of ‘prison biopic’ put you off settling down with Dead Man Walking (Sony Movie Channel, 22:00).  Sean Penn is, I think, almost a neglected talent these days and, despite the issue that no one can wholly climb into (and dissect) the mind of a serial killer, Penn promises to deliver some kind of answer, ably backed up by Sarandon/Robbins.

I do like to be scared out of my wits in time for the weekend.  So I’m overjoyed to see The Birds (ITV1, 02:40) is on in the wee, small hours of Friday night/Saturday morning.  One of Hitchcock’s absolute finest, you will never pass a murder of crows in quite the same way again.  Tippi Hedren is full of 60s eeeek and look out for the climbing frame scene.  *shudder*

Lucky Dip: Outlaw (5*, 22:00) on Hump Day, because there’s not much else on, frankly.  But lots of folks like Sean Bean and it’s a realistic tale that so many may relate to now.

Yes, I’ve succumbed to Olympic Fever.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not contagious but prolonged exposure may see you being struck down with some early symptoms.  There’s currently no known cure.  I don’t know if it’s because summer-based athletics in school was the bit of PE I enjoyed the most, but I’ve always been partial to athletics.  I say partial – I actually mean moderately obsessed.  Back in the days of Cram, Thompson, Whitbread and some brick-built s*ithouse of a javelin thrower whose name escapes me.  Mick someone was it?  Hill?  Oh and Steve Backley, yes.  But I liked Tom McKean, oh yes.  I fantasised over some 800m-style encounter with that fit bloke, so I did.  I hear he’s in the Police now.  Who needs Fifty Shades…?  So, yeah, I’ve been getting into the Olympic spirit a little, mainly due to every medal being announced 267 times over on my Facebook newsfeed.  But there is still a plethora of events to feast your eyes upon this week, so fill yer boots before it’s too late.

For something a bit different tonight, my loves, switch over for The Girl Who Became Three Boys (Ch4, 21:00).  I’m hoping the topic is treated sensitively and not in full tabloid glory.

There’s something cool for Hump Day in the shape of A History of Art in Three Colours (BBC4, 21:00).  Very sadly, I’ve not been doing my job, as this is, in fact, the concluding part of the three, but the white part surely fascinates the most anyway?  Who knew using a palette of colour and shade to create a work of art was so riddled with dark undertones?  In many ways, I wish painters were a bit simple and just did stuff because it looked nice…

Once again this week, if you’re looking for some beauty and natural charm during Friday wind-down dinner, then opt for Cairngorms: a Year in the Wild (BBC2, 19:00).  Warning, though – it might make you feel c-c-c-cold in parts.  My fingers are firmly crossed for limited narration to ease me into the weekend.  Have a fabulous one, folks.

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