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Being driven slightly mad…

Now, I know I’m somewhat of a lazy parent.  Well, lazy person anyway.  But I have to wonder if I’m completely alone in allowing the incessant drone of background noise for the alleged benefit of the kids during the loooong summer holidays.  Or if it’s actually because of my own upbringing that I don’t say no, opt for the easy life, subject myself to CBeebies from dawn until dusk.  Don’t get me wrong – they barely watch it.  But it’s constantly there, like a persistent, nagging ache over one eye on deadline day.  I could also swing for Mister Maker, silly sod.  Because both boys *do* watch that.  And then want to make every single thing.  I know, I know – I should embrace their primitive urges to make and do.  But I have the wrong kind of milk cartons, yoghurt pots, cardboard boxes to make ANYTHING.  Which, frankly, pisses me off.  I feel I should add at this conjecture… we’ve spent more time out in the fresh air than we have indoors.  And yes, I do turn off the telly when we go out.  Sometimes.

Oh now, Sideways (Indie, 19:45) is on tonight.  I’m not sure if this fell through the floorboards and straight into the wine cellar, but not many people have actually seen it.  And it’s fair to say this delightful gem features somewhere in my top twenty of all time.  Paul Giamatti is so perfect in his leading role, it’s almost possible to conclude it was written for him.  A frustrated, swept-under-carpet author, he is quiet, unassuming, reserved and needs a good shag – a stark contrast to his underlying passion for all things grape.  It’s a softly amusing tale of two mates embarking on a vineyard crawl stag do and there are some exquisitely memorable lines that will have you in floods.  So well written and look out for the mesmerising scene-a-deux between Giamatti and Virginia Madsen.  You’ll fall in love tonight, I promise.

There’s a new-style disaster movie in the shape of Frozen (Film4, 21:00) on Thursday.  It does what it says on the tin.  Or screen, in this case.  A trio of youthful, fearless z-list snowboarders become stranded on a mountain chairlift and… well, you get the picture.  But it’s meant to be quite downplayed, thus heightening the horror aspect for us ordinary folk.  Compellingly filmed, this modern take on an age-old tale is worth a watch with a tub of popcorn and a big, furry cushion to hide behind.

End your week with The Hurt Locker (More4, 21:00) on Friday night.  Well-hyped but totally justified, even if you’ve seen this before, you’ll still be on the edge of your seat this time around.  I put it off, declaring it ‘wasn’t my thing’ but man alive, when I caved, I was utterly gripped!  Jeremy Renner made a decent dent in the acting world with this – you can’t help but hate the emotionless bar steward, then fall a little bit in love with him as you get to know him.  A cliché, I know, but if you want to feel levelled, ye gads, this is one to put everything into perspective.

Lucky Dip: The Man Who Haunted Himself (Horror Channel, 16:00) on Hump Day.  We rarely get to see Roger Moore as anyone other than Bond, so here’s a unique opportunity to see him… twice!  Claiming to be full of early seventies eeriness, this must be worth a punt.

Like squillions of other Brits, I am still floating on Olympic clouds this week.  The closing ceremony, whilst drawn-out and a few notches below par, still managed to be incredible!  The extinguishing of the flame is so poignant, but I have to confess to being super-excited about Rio!  Sshhh, but I reckon it’ll be of magical proportions.  It has undoubtedly been an amazing and inspiring couple of weeks and the start of the Paralympics promises to bring more of the same, in spades.

Now, I shouldn’t be watching TV at all this week, with 754 wedding images to review and edit, but I can do the reviewing part on the comfort of the sofa and that’s how I like it.  So, put up your tired tootsies with me and enjoy what’s on.

Yay, it’s the start of this year’s The Great British Bake Off (BBC2, 20:00) tonight.  As with any of these minesweeping contests, I’m not keen on the early stages, but come on – it involves beautifully yummy goodies like cake.  Besides which, Paul Hollywood is equally tasty, in my humble opinion.  Great to see Mel and Sue hosting once more too, so don your Cath Kidston pinnies and bake, people!

Also, tonight sees the start of much awaited (in this house anyway) Person of Interest (Ch5, 22:00).  Super-cool and suave Jim Caviezel stars as the former CIA agent, privately recruited to predict and prevent crime.  It promises to be one helluva crime/drama/thriller, created by a combo of the chaps who did Lost and Memento.  One to stay awake for, for sure.

Oh, tissues possibly required for Thursday night’s viewing, with The Best of Men (BBC2, 21:00).  With superb scheduling, Lucy Gannon’s drama will inspire and enlighten the hardest of souls, recreating the tale of how the Paralypmics came about – with a spark of comedic value in the perfectly-formed shape of Rob Bryden, no less.  Totally watching this.

Lucky Dip: Ease yourself into the weekend with People Just Do Nothing (BBC3, 22:00) on Friday.  If pilots are anything to go by, this has longevity, as a new comedy about two blokes desperately ‘trying’ to be cool through the creation of a pirate radio station.  Give it a whirl.

My bed broke the other day, signalling the end of comfy telly watching at the end of a long day.  It’s been arduous, but the sofa has sufficed, albeit rendering me with stiff neck syndrome.  Though I am happy to report that the spanking new bed has just been delivered and I fully intend to collapse into its tender embrace as soon as it’s made.  Which could be quite late, depending on how clear the instructions are.  And I cannot WAIT for the light at the end of the tunnel to be extinguished by sleep, I can tell you.

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  1. Keris
    August 14, 2012

    I love Sideways. We watched it on DVD just before the Olympics started. (And we got to go “We’ve been there!” cos we went to Solvang in 2001. 🙂

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