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Ending the tyranny of the mop bucket

As I threatened promised in my last post, I’m going to tell you all about my new steam cleaner. I’m not going to compare brands or list the specification but I did some research and chose a Which Best Buy model. It’s a ‘five-in-one’ mop which means you can detach the long handle and use it as a handheld cleaner for sinks, tiles, windows, and even clothes, carpets and soft furnishings. If you’re really interested, it’s this one.

Not only does it feel more environmentally friendly (yes, it uses electricity, but no cleaning chemicals at all), but it makes a pleasing ‘whooshing’ sound as it sprays out steam. And anything that adds a bit of interest to the dull-fest that is cleaning is good in my book.

Although I liked the idea of cleaning the bathroom grouting without choking on bleach fumes, I bought the mop for one reason; to end the tyranny of the mop bucket. I’m famously lackadaisical about cleaning but living in a rural location and having kids and cats means that the kitchen floor really does need washing regularly. I hated struggling with a mop bucket and mop in my kitchen sink only to have someone walk through my clean (but still wet) floor moments later. Plus, I inevitably ended by spilling dirty water over myself while attempting to empty said bucket. Yes, I am a klutz.

Rather than messing around with a big bucket of hot soapy water you fill a small chamber with cold water and press a button to heat it up. Once the light goes green (in less than a minute) you can mop away. The head is triangular and swivels so it gets into corners and the mop lies almost flat so you can go underneath cupboards and suchlike if you so desire.

Best things about my new steam mop:

  • The steam doesn’t leave your floors very wet and because it’s hot (I assume) it dries super-quickly.
  • You use a microfibre pad thingy which attaches to the base via the wonder of Velcro. When you’ve finished you can rip it off – admire all the disgusting dirt you just mopped up – and throw it in the washing machine.

The worse thing about my new steam mop:

  • I have become the kind of person who waxes lyrical about a mop.

Oh dear.

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