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Could your child be a model?

There is a vast range of modelling opportunities available for child models. Unlike adult model agencies the scouts are not interested about the height or size of the model. The main “requirements” are personality, a nice smile, and often a child who looks who look innocent and adorable in order to sell products. Child models can be selected for anything from TV advertising to ad campaigns, modelling clothing lines and or  being a poster child for an organisation.

Firstly, you need to establish whether your child enjoys modelling and whether they have the patience and confidence in front of the camera.

Having a professional  photo shoot is the perfect way to start to establish this, as there is no point going to an agency unless you know that both you and your child are serious about modelling.

When you apply to an agency they will require some up to date photographs to establish how photogenic your child is in front of the camera. Please note that some agencies will want to see shots you have taken yourself in the first instance and some will want images taken in a professional studio so check with the agency that you are interested in working with for their particular requirements. It is important to remember that your child will need to look age appropriate, so do not make your child look older than they are. Further, make sure that the child shows character and a lot of personality.

Jo Belfield Photography is the official North West Photographer for Chilli Kids Modelling Agency www.chillikids.co.uk but we are also happy to work with modelsworking with other agencies.  If you would like  to talk to us about a modelling photoshoot for you child please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephoning 01625 420 621 or emailing jo@jobelfield.com.



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