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Staying high and dry

*Inserts comments about the weather never being like this before, blah blah*

Whether or not weather isn’t quite what it used to be, what I do know is, my daily commute on foot to leave my son at school, then heading on to work, and in reverse in the afternoons, has brought me to the conclusion that I really REALLY should own a coat with a hood.  Every single coat I buy my son has one. I wouldn’t dream of not happing him up on cold wet days, with a hat under it too on occasions. Yet all my coats are distinctly lacking, leaving me wearing a hat, and enduring ‘Hat Hair’ all day, or battling against high winds with a brolly. Or just plain getting soaked. Which isn’t good for the ‘do either, especially considering my semi-permanent dye runs when it gets wet…..

Of course there is a reason I don’t own a coat with a hood. You just can’t find many really pretty coats, that genuinely will do the job, if the need arises. Of course there are plenty walking jackets, that look like you are ready for the hills, but that doesn’t really suit me. So here’s what I’ve been able to find that is a little less ‘outdoorsy’.

A-Wear have a nice black duffle coat, with black PU trim, for £60. The buttons are black too, so it gives it less of a Paddington Bear look! But, if that’s what you like, then Net-A-Porter have one that is very cute, with red heart shaped details on the toggles. At £475, you would need to be a serious Paddington fan to justify all the inevitable comments you will  get wearing this!

La-Redoute reduced to £83.30, is my favourite. The burnt orange is perfect for duller days, and with dark blue or black jeans, or black tights. Being belted, its a bit neater than a duffle coat, and has a massive shawled hood.

Topshop have another dressier coat, skirted, and featuring 3 metal clasps, that to me, look like buckles from a handbag. Interesting choice, and very cool. £85 and available in sizes 6-16, I’m, definitely hunting this one down in store to try it on.


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Sarcastic, procrastinating, crisp eater. Occasionally blogs at www.InTheseHeels.blogspot.co.uk. Owns too many shoes, and likes to wear crowns.

2 comments on “Staying high and dry

  1. Stella
    September 28, 2012

    Those are some gorgeous coats. The bottom one is my favourite, lovely cut.

  2. ethelthedean
    September 28, 2012

    That black coast is beautiful!

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