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A Quick Guide to Posing on the Red Carpet

This month I was asked to play Paparazzi at a the Launch of a new ladies networking group Cheshire Women Women. There was a red carpet entrance to the event so it occurred to me that some of the ladies might appreciate a quick guide to posing on the Red Carpet.

1) Make yourself beautiful before you get out of the car!

2) Try and stop and pose for a short amount of time so the photographer has time to take the shot – or even better a couple!

3) Pose with your body 3 quarter facing to the camera rather than straight on.

4) Stop talking when posing as you are unlikley to look your best as your facial muscles will be in all directions when you talk but do give the photographer your best smile!

5) Again slightly three quarter heads look better than full on but do make “eye contact”.

6) Pose with arms slightly bent at the side of your body – it creates a space between your body and your arms and makes you look slimmer!

7) If you are entering as a couple of group stand as close together as possible as what feels like a tiny gap to you can look like a big gap on camera.

Most of All Enjoy Yourself!


One comment on “A Quick Guide to Posing on the Red Carpet

  1. zouarvehat
    October 4, 2012

    Make sure your knees are together when you get out of the car – Britney, you know what I mean!

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