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Animal print with a difference

Normally in my posts here on Bea I try to give some advice on what to wear. This isn’t one of them. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this post is a what not to wear…. as I myself own a few similar styles. I’m a firm believer in the mindset that literally anything can be worn well, with a little thought. Though I have been proved wrong on occasion. The Primark £1 sale rail is not always my friend.

There’s been no escaping the novelty trend, usually resigned to the hand knitted Christmas Jumper style, with cartoon animals, and the like. Puppies, pandas, owls, all looking eerily pixelated in the loose  weave. Every shop has been guilty of jumping on this bandwagon. I’ve no idea which designer we should hate thank for this, presumably like all popular trends, inspiration has been taken directly from the catwalks. We can but be glad that the Jean Charles Castlebagjack (not his real name) dead Muppet coats never took off!!

(Above) Joe Browns are concentrating on the owls, which frankly, are freaky looking. The ‘funky owl dress’ features ghostly looking birds, and the cream tunic has that hand-knitted look. Not bad for a first go I guess….. The red owl top is wearable, if you don’t stare at the hypnotic eyes for too long. And the massively eared rabbit features an actual tail. I couldn’t bring myself to check the materials to see if it was an actual tail though.

(Above) New Look.  Dead rabbit. Boss eyed leopard. Stoned owl. Dalmatian bum. Once seen, cannot unsee.

Warehouse have steered clear from the Aran wool colours, with a rather fierce wolf, in the literal sense. The horse should of course be called Pixel.

Bench have given us an animal. I’m not sure what it is though, a bear? A moose? A bull? Honestly, no idea. Answers on a postcard. And Yumi tried to rescue the worst drawing of an owl ever, by putting a bow on it. Does it work? I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

Considering you never hear people  exclaiming ‘Oh I cannot wait until it is December and I can get to wear my reindeer jumper with the  3D red nose!’ you have to wonder how this became such a wide spread  infection. Is it simply a case of  ‘its in the shops so therefore I will buy it’?   If you must take part in this trend, I fear there’s only two ways to do it.  Subtly with an animal you genuinely have affection for, or just wear the most garish jumper you can find, and laugh along with the people laughing at you.


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