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Visions of monsters.

Apparently my motto in life is “Better Living Through Denial”. It’s always served me well and has enabled me to be a pretty positive person. I usually see the good side in things, presume everything will work out just fine, we probably won’t get lost, the store is likely to have the one thing we need and so on. It’s a good philosophy and it usually serves me well. You’ll have noticed the “usually”!! Once in a while my motto will turn around and bite me in the you-know- where. Happily it’s not often and certainly not often enough to make me give up my ideology, but when it DOES bite me, it’s usually a doozy.  Jack and his vision is my biggest Ooopsie so far.  Ever since Jack was small, he would lean in close to what ever he was doing.  He liked to sit right in front of the television ( “It’s ALRIGHT honey, it’s been proven to NOT cause eye strain, it’s a myth…” ) he would hold picture books right up to his nose to look at them (“It’s FINE darling… he’s just very interested in the pictures….”) and when coloring would put his face right up against the page resulting in crayon on his cheeks. (“Don’t WORRY so babe…. he’s just very focused on his work…..”)  ……Years passed……   Jack was afraid of laughter, babies crying and the sound of sneezing.  If someone laughed suddenly, Jack would burst into tears.  He took to wearing ear protectors when out in public and one afternoon whilst sitting at the table at a friend’s house, he panicked when the little girl showed us what a dinosaur might have sounded like.  ….More time went by…..  Jack was not one to want to venture off to make new friends.  A trip to the playground meant him and I sitting on the bench watching his sister play with the other children or perhaps I could persuade him to let me push him on the swings.  He was “very shy indeed”.  Finally my poor, long suffering and immensely patient husband persuaded me that, perhaps, Jack should go and have his eyes looked at.  Just a check up…  after all, I was sure there was nothing wrong, but perhaps we’d just let an optician have a peek.  ….  ahem.   You can sense the ass-biting coming, can’t you?   Yah.    His vision….  well, what can I say. The poor child.  Suffice it to say the Optician would not give us his prescription at full strength and instead gave us only one third strength.  His concern was if we gave Jack the full strength prescription he would probably hit the floor.  Huh.   Whaddya know?!  We got Jack’s prescription sent to Shopko and on the magic day went along to collect his glasses.  We tentatively put them onto his nose.  A huge, slow smile spread across his face and he carefully began to look around him.  We held our breath to hear the verdict….. ” I CAN SEEEE!!!”  he shouted!  “I can SEEEEE!!”   …..  I cried.  Just a little bit.  It turned out the reason he held his books so close was to try and make out the blurry objects.  The reason he was afraid of laughter, crying and sneezing was because he couldn’t see the faces of the people making the sounds.  He couldn’t figure out the facial expressions clearly enough to be prepared for the sudden loud, explosive noise.  The reason he panicked at our friends house was the little girl making the dinosaur noise just looked like a big yellow monster.  Not long after Jack got his glasses we took him to the playground again.  I reached for his hand expecting another companion on the bench but this time he confidently headed off, straight towards the other children where, for the first time in his life, he made some friends …you see, he could SEE them.



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