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Appearances can be deceptive

I think that you can tell quite a lot about a person by their home. Honestly, even if it’s just a minimalist white box, or a rented place where all your possessions are still in boxes, your house says a lot about you (even if it’s just “can’t be bothered to unpack”).

But if you walked into my living room, while it would be scarily obvious I read a lot (6 Billy bookcases with height extensions, all as full as possible), that I like life online (computer and various iDevices), that I have a child (toys everywhere!), it wouldn’t be obvious that I cross stitch.

Yes, there is a work in progress piece on a stand frame (mostly hidden behind the carrycot) and the name sampler I’m working on for my daughter is perched on top of a pile of books on a side table, but there aren’t any framed on the walls or made into cushions.

The main reason for this is cost. Some of the pieces I have finished for myself in the last 15 years are shown in the picture below (the Bunnykins one was done when I was in 6th form, the brightly coloured cats were finished in April this year).


(This picture also makes it obvious I really need to bite the bullet and actually buy an iron, if only to uncrease them!)

None of them are framed because even the smallest of the pieces, like the groovy cub or piglet, would cost at least £20 each to get properly framed. I went and got a quote for the name sampler I’m working, and the framer quoted me £60. Now that is for a proper oak frame, and this will be the first piece of work that I ever get framed, but I haven’t been able to justify spending money getting my everyday stitching framed when there are more important things to buy (like electricity or food).

But this year I think I’m going to ask for some money for framing for my birthday. The framer has said that he is happy to do just the mounting if I supply a frame I already have (hello IKEA trip) and being able to put up some of my work will make my home a more accurate reflection of myself.

It also means that the sole piece of my work on display will no longer be this dirty/clean magnet on the front of the dishwasher!

(Picture taken while the dishwasher was running, hence the Schrödinger nature of the sign, and it really is helpful at daft o’clock in the morning when you’re trying to make a bottle for the baby and yourself a cup of hot chocolate)


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One comment on “Appearances can be deceptive

  1. Stella
    November 5, 2012

    Oh, I love those Mackintosh inspired ones at top left (although they’re all beautiful.) Framing is very expensive but I like the idea of your man mounting your pictures for you and then you buying a cheaper frame. Do it!

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