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The death of Kevin Williams

On 15th April 1989, Kevin Williams died.

He was 15.

His mother Anne was told by the authorities and the coroner that he had suffered traumatic asphyxia, was at the very least brain-dead before 3.15pm, and could not have been saved with medical intervention.

At his inquest, the coroner ordered that his blood alcohol level at the time of death should be read to the court.

Evidence later emerged that a police officer had found a pulse in Kevin after 3.30pm, and that resuscitation had been attempted. At around 4pm, he opened his eyes and asked for his mother, before slumping back and dying.

His body showed none of the classic signs of traumatic asphyxia (blue skin, for example); though he had some injuries to his neck, with proper medical treatment – simply receiving oxygen – he would not necessarily have died.

Mrs Williams has spent the last 23 years fighting for justice for her son. She argued that she had been lied to about the way he died – there were witnesses who helped Kevin and gave evidence that he was alive until 4pm, but the coroner refused to accept it.

Since then, an independent review of the evidence has forced the attorney general to admit that there were severe problems with the inquest into Kevin’s death, and has agreed to establish a new one.

Yet since then, Anne Williams has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has pleaded with the attorney general Dominic Grieve to bring the new inquest forward, so she can see justice for her son before she dies.

Yesterday, the attorney general refused.

It is the latest in a 23-year-long line of legal blockades faced by Mrs Williams.

And it is because Kevin died at Hillsborough.

“Kevin Daniel Williams was worth nothing to the system,” she has written. “In my eyes he did not fit into their plan so they made him fit. I will never give up my fight. If Kevin gets a new inquest it could open the floodgates for other families and perhaps we could finally have some peace.

“Kevin was just a little boy who went to a football match and never came home. I don’t believe myself and the other Hillsborough families deserve to be deprived of the truth.”

Petition: Please bring forward Kevin Williams’ inquest

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    November 10, 2012

    Such a sad story

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