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Going Back To My Roots

Do you ever feel you’re on a bit of a treadmill? You know, doing the same old, same old, day in and day out …and basically start to wonder what’s it all about?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for my lot. I have my health and am very lucky to have my family and basically we muddle along. There are many people who are really struggling and I really have nothing to complain about.

So, to say I have felt bored (and boring) may appear insensitive and irrelevant. Apologies if it does, but it’s true.

Perhaps it’s inevitable. I’m heading towards that half century mark and am beginning to take stock –  not so much a mid-life crisis but more a mid-life appraisal.

Much of the last fifteen years has been taken up with child-rearing and a large part of my energy has been used up doing the best I can. But now, with the youngest starting school, I feel it’s time to renew some old acquaintances, and I’m starting with someone rather familiar – me.

Taking the plunge to do a half-marathon set the cogs in motion. After years of excuses and general inertia I forced myself out of the house (with track suit and trainers) and actually began to run.

That initial act of doing something made me determined that I would see it through, and,as I previously wrote, against all the odds, I completed it.

As you can probably gather I am still rather amazed with myself. I achieved something this year which a year or so previously I wouldn’t have even attempted.

Things have shifted in me, now every time I look at my medal I know I have the ability to shift things again.

Which is why I have just undergone a rather radical transformation from blonde to brunette.

Like many women I experimented with a variety of colours in my youth, (henna anyone?) although I never tried blonde then.

As I got older, and those grey hairs began to show, I thought lighter was the way to go.

It was nothing to do with blondes having more fun –  or that other hackneyed one about gentlemen preferring blondes. I don’t really care what gentlemen prefer. I have only ever changed my hair colour to suit me and will continue to do so. I enjoyed being blonde particularly in the summer, but in all honesty it never really felt ‘me’.

So it was back to my long forgotten roots, which on closer inspection were actually dark-brown.

Normally I would be very cagey when changing colour and would do so slowly it was barely noticeable, but this time I went straight in and took the plunge. Why? I guess because I have been bored for some time and after doing that half-marathon I now believe in just ‘going for it’ – and that doing something is far better than doing nothing.

This week I have gone from the light to the dark-side in one fell swoop.

I wasn’t convinced about the shade when I left the hairdressers, and when my ten-year old son looked at me in horror and asked me what on earth I had done to myself I had even more misgivings.

However, just like a good wine, hair colour needs to settle and breathe and it has, and it’s beginning to grow on me. In fact I would go further than that, I’m beginning to rather like it.

Some lovely positive comments from pals on Facebook have helped, but regardless of having to ask for second opinions, I know my own and like what I see.

The psychology of hair colour has been written about often,  have a quick look at google though and you will find many of the reports are in relation to attracting a partner.

I don’t really think women colour their hair for the benefit of men – do you? We do it for ourselves and to make us feel better.

If others are attracted to us I reckon it’s more because of the confidence we are radiating as opposed to the hair colour we are wearing. I certainly feel better, and no longer feel quite as boring.

Now I’ve got the hair-do my next stop has to be a whole new wardrobe…. yet another major overhaul coming on.

This mid-life appraisal is getting to be a hobby – but it’s one that I rather like.

Have you done anything a bit different to give yourself a boost and dust away the cobwebs?


One comment on “Going Back To My Roots

  1. bodhimoments
    November 10, 2012

    I suit myself with my hair colour. I don’t really know what hair colour the man in my life would prefer. As to what I have done to give myself a boost…. a number of small things.. most recently, I walked to the movies watched a movie and walked back…. all by myself. I chose what movie to watch, which show to attend and I loved it.

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