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No More Page 3 – The Art of Protest

by Hayley Devlin – student at Manchester Metropolitan University, currently giving up her free time to work on the No More Page 3 campaign

I have never been a sporty person, I was terrible at netball, dreadful at tennis and disastrous at athletics. I was picked last for teams and forever came in 8th place around the running track… There were only ever 8 lanes. For years, I have been told it’s sad that I do not understand what it is to be part of sports team, to feel that group spirit. I don’t feel like I have missed out though, years of being in various drama productions, being a member of the craziest but most loveable hair salon in the UK and now, being part of the No More Page 3 Campaign have taught me exactly what the love and support of a team feels like… and I was never picked last.

The Campaign is coming on in leaps and bounds, since the last time I wrote we’ve jumped up to 53.9k+ signatures on the petition, 11000 followers on Twitter and nearly 5000 likes on Facebook. We’ve even been written about in Glamour and Grazia magazine – be still my glossy rag loving heart. It’s exciting.

The big things are, of course, amazing but sometimes, it’s the little things that make me smile the most. When I put up on my University’s forum the idea that the SU support the campaign, I kind of assumed I would be laughed at. Whilst us students are known for being drunk and disorderly, skipping taxes and protesting anything, I still wasn’t convinced it would happen. Then I got the tweet saying it had been voted for and I felt a sudden rush of pride for both my university and my fellow students. Now I’m the process of discussing with the student reps how we can go about doing it. It’s a warming feeling to know that people around me support something I care about so much.

Monday night saw me take part in The Art Of Protest:MMUnion Edition run by NOISE. It was an art exhibition centred on the theme of protest. Naturally my entry piece was on the campaign… what else! Naturally it was poem… Ok, the poetry part is less natural. I dislike poetry. I am an English student that would like to pretend Keats never existed and that Shakespeare never wrote a sonnet. Yet, there I was, with a poem of my very own, stood in front of a group of people, reading it out like a suffragette on a mission. It felt great (I always have enjoyed the spotlight) and having people, from senior members of staff, to fellow artists, to students who had simply attended the event come up to me and ask about the campaign was amazing. I feel really lucky to be an ambassador of something that’s set out to do so much good.

An acute moment of glee is when we win someone over… maybe in a past life I was preacher man, but it makes me feel like I’ve won a small war. I had a few people question whether or not our campaign considered the damage the removal of Page 3 would do to sales of ‘The Sun’, but upon explaining that, if people are buying a newspaper for boobs they should probably sort their lives out, that we would much rather swap the naked lady on Page 3 for a clothed one doing much the same as all the fully clothed men that fill the rest of the paper’s pages and that yes, I really do have a girl crush on Lucy Pinder, they seemed to be converted.

So, maybe we need to be out there, verbally explaining and answering questions about ‘our little protest’, or maybe we need to keep invading the internet until we’ve taken over entirely. What I do know is that we will not be silenced and we will not stop gaining supporters. Even if I have to write a million rhyming couplets on boobs and news!


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