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But I’ve got NOTHING to wear!!

How many times do you say this? I know I say it a lot, but you’ve had a sneak peek at my wardrobe, it’s hardly true!

But sometimes nothing in my wardrobe inspires me what so ever.

Rather than rushing out to New Look, or Dunnes or Asda, the next best place to find inspiration is the wardrobe! No, the other wardrobe. My husband’s.

Women and men swapping clothes is hardy a new thing. You’ve seen it everywhere from the ’80s to today, in catwalk shows and music videos, and even men wearing women’s clothes, with the likes of Russell Brand declaring his love for ladies skinny jeans. I think I’m not alone in wishing he’d stick to something a little baggier, no matter which sex they are intended for!

It may sound cliché but a crisp man’s shirt really does look great on a woman. Roll the sleeves up, open another button, and cinch the waist with a black or metallic belt. Wear a short necklace worn inside the neckline. Add black skinny jeans, or wet look/leather effect trousers, but stick to slim fitting ones, you should only go loose on top or bottom, not both. Pointed heels, or even cute embellished pumps would finish it. I’d play safe with black shoes, and add colour with a handbag, or coat. Slick hair, a coat of red lippy, and lashings of mascara and stack bracelets on one arm to finish the look.

Yes, I did just use this as an excuse to post a pic of a cute guy. And what?

Another item I’ve taken to stealing is my husband’s Arran jumper. Its just a plain, cable knit style, in a fabulous chunky knit. Perfect for cold school runs. Again, skinny jeans look best, in a dark denim, and wear knee high boots over them, tan, or dark brown, or black. Alternatively, boot cut jeans with ankle boots would work well. Jumpers don’t need to be belted, though you may need to turn the cuffs up once or twice! Add a long necklace, sticking with earthy colours. Make-up should stay neutral too, with a matt lippy, or just a lip balm, and perhaps a coppery eyeshadow. Leave your hair product free.

Similarly, wearing a large cardigan over a dress is a great way to dress down an outfit for work, which will then take you out for the evening.

Men’s socks are amazing. Have you ever noticed how they get the big thick fluffy ones, and we are left with things you could spit through? If you are wearing chunky ankle boots, stick on a pair of mens socks, and bunch them down at the ankle. Yes it may look a little like Laura Dern in Jurassic Park, but it will keep your feet warm, and avoid blisters. Wear with leggings, and a long patterned dress for a casual look.

And of course, the best way to get rid of an item of clothing that  he wears that you absolutely detest? Like the cheeky slogan t-shirt that he’s had since he was 21, or the rainbow striped shirt, that no matter what designer label is on it, still cannot make it look acceptable? Wear it when dying your hair, or painting, or bleaching the bathroom, and be messy. Job done.

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One comment on “But I’ve got NOTHING to wear!!

  1. bodhimoments
    November 29, 2012

    I have not worn my husband’s clothes, but I used to wear my father’s shirts to Uni. All the time, And he would get upset, because they smelt feminine ( read perfume) and give them to me. My daughter just goes through her dad’s wardrobe, picks shirts out at random, and bears them away triumphantly while my husband gives a little smile. She does try the same with her brother’s clothes but rarely, if ever, gets away with it!

    I like the first look best with the red lippy, as I am a bit of a red lippy girl!

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