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Pushing my Boundaries (a wee bit)

I decided I should push myself a bit recently. Now that the baba is napping consistently during the day, I’ve magically gained a whole hour of time. So I’ve promptly filled it up by working on some presents for my NCT group (they were to be party favours but I’ve realised I can’t actually now host the actual party), getting creative with some felt tips, and by attempting something out of my comfort zone.

The presents are dead simple tree ornaments that feature the child in question’s initial. They’re all stitched up, and now I just have to work out how to fit them neatly into the star shaped frames that I’ve bought from the lovely Sew and So.

Sew and So have also helped me push my boundaries a little by tempting me with their range of latch hook kits. I’ve bought myself this one, and it’s going to be my January (February, March…) project.

Unfortunately when it arrived the instructions were missing, but the helpful people promptly sent me a PDF so I have no excuses to stop me getting stuck in. I am rather scared of all these little tufts of wool though.


As for the felt tips, that’s all down to these fabulous pop-up Christmas cards by Usborne. I picked some up from work in the January sales for a bargainous £2 and I’m very much enjoying spending my evenings doing some good old fashioned colouring in.


Well, Christmas is all about indulgence, and my inner child is very fond of colouring in! (My outer grown-up enjoys the glass of wine and trashy tv (Hart of Dixie, season 2) that accompanies it.)


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