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If money was no object…. Our Five Dream Holidays

Christmas is on its way, I’m definitely not the first person to tell you that lately, am I? We have our Australian family, my mother and father-in-law, visiting us in Switzerland for Christmas. I thought I’d ask them, my youngest son and my husband, “If money was no object, where in the world would you like to go on a holiday?” Here are their answers.

6036448126_fb6c5af966_bCraig, my husband (43): “A luxury safari in Africa. One of those ones where you have the big luxury camps, chefs cooking for you at night and in the day, you get to head out to look at all the animals.”

Well, since I’ve been researching this, I think I want to do it too. There appears to be plenty of online information about these luxury safaris available but I think I’ve found the one we’ll go for when we win the lottery- Baines’ Camp in Okovango, Botswana. Beautiful “tented suites” to stay in with wonderful views across the landscape; safari trips with experts through the day; additional chances to take a helicopter trip across the Okovango Delta and/or a day spent interacting with elephants. Sounds absolutely like the experience of a lifetime to me.

WestminsterPalaceHelen, my Australian mother-in-law (66): “I’d like to spend about six months touring the British Isles; Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. Not just a whistle stop tour, I want to really get a feel for the place.”

Well, even though I grew up in Scotland, I can understand this. Britain is a country so rich with history and culture, I think you could spend a lifetime visiting sites of cultural and historical importance and still never have seen them all. Britain can be toured extensively by plane, train and automobile. Every town has an interesting site to tour (I assume, I haven’t actually visited them all) and there is such diversity of  culture, food, dialect and tradition from South to North and East to West to experience, a six month tour would feel like it was over in a flash.

Japan_TokyoImperialPalaceEwan, my 16 year old son: “Japan. Japan would be awesome, I reckon!”

Admittedly, I’ve never really thought about Japan as a holiday destination myself but since I’ve been looking at it online, I’ve rethought that. Whereas when I thought about Japan, I mainly conjured up images of bustling neon-lit cities and little boxy hotels (I would love to try a night in one of those hotels- I can be quite strange sometimes), my research has led me to remember that Japan is a land of mountain peaks, snow, Imperial palaces and a history which stretches back thousands of years and covers some of the most fascinating cultures.

I’m quite sure that none of that is what my 16-year-old had in mind though. He’ll have been thinking of anime, manga and J-Pop. What? I have no idea what those things are.

MonacoGary, my Australian father-in-law (70): “Oh, I’d have to think about that…. I really don’t know.” M-I-L, “How about the Monaco Grand Prix?” F-I-L, “Oh, yes. That.” (They’ve been married for nearly 47 years.)

I think any revhead would have the same dream holiday choice. The Monaco Grand Prix would have to count as one of the most glamorous events in the motorsport calendar, if not all of the sporting world. Monaco, home to the rich and famous (Monaco levies no tax on individuals) attracts both a car/F1 enthusiast and the stylish, champers-swilling hooray Henrys. I’m quite sure I could fit in with either crowd, I like cars and champagne. I might offer to accompany my father-in-law and combine the Monaco Grand Prix with a trip to the Cannes Film Festival, like this one.

MachuPicchuMe, Stella (42): Machu Picchu. My husband asked me, “You know you have to walk there, right?” It’s not putting me off.

In fact, I have discovered that there are more ways than the hiking route to get to the beautiful Lost City of the Incas but have been told that it would be a shame to not experience the hiking trail to the mountain ridge on which Machu Picchu is situated. If I ever got the chance to go, it would be a target I, as a happy, reasonably fit fatty, could work towards in order to make the very most out of the experience. The very thought of the view across the mountains of Peru from 2,430m above sea level makes me yearn to see it one day. It’s a place I imagine I would really feel the history of and the spirituality may even bring tears to my eyes. Oh yes, it’s definitely my dream destination of choice when our lotto numbers are called.

What about you? Where would your dream destination be?

5 comments on “If money was no object…. Our Five Dream Holidays

  1. lezzles
    December 8, 2012

    I would be happy to accompany you on any of those hols — I’d even carry your bags. Except for the Monaco Grand Prix; too noisy.

  2. K
    December 8, 2012

    Since I already went once to Scotland and England, (and would go again in a heartbeat), I have to agree with Craig and choose the safari adventure!

  3. Keris
    December 8, 2012

    Oh I’d go to any happily (apart from the Grand Prix). I’ve wanted to go to Japan for the blossom since reading Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson. As for Machu Picchu – we could do one of those sponsored charity walks… (although I was thinking of doing that for the Great Wall of China…. one day).

  4. Anne-Marie
    December 8, 2012

    I too would love to go to Japan – for the cherry blossom and the snow monkeys. I really want to see the Northern Lights, so a trip to Norway is also on the list. And! A road trip across America and Canada would be amazing.

  5. petronellarose
    December 8, 2012

    They all sound fabulous, but you know which one I’d pick… MONACO BABY YEAH!!! *ahem*
    Seriously, I’d actually love to follow F1 round the world for a year. Especially if I won the lotto properly (£10m+) and could have paddock club tickets every time.

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