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All I want for Christmas is a decent veggie meal

Christmas is just brilliant! Honestly. I love everything about it. Except one thing. As a vegetarian why do restaurants which would otherwise provide a couple of options for me to peruse decide that what I really want to eat at this time of year is some stir fried mixed veg. Really?! While everyone around me tucks into a full roast with all the trimmings I get some pasta and a few olives? No, I’m sorry but that’s rubbish.

I love roast dinners. The only bit I don’t want is the meat (or anything cooked with the meat) but surely it’s not that hard to replace the turkey with a veggie burger, nut cutlet, Quorn roast or something similar. When we go to our local pub for a carvery my option is a cauliflower cheese tart. Perfect. I love cauliflower cheese and who isn’t partial to a tart? (Don’t be filthy.) If they can provide that every Sunday surely other places can do the same in December? Apparently not.

I really love risottos, pasta and stroganoff but if everyone else is enjoying a turkey dinner at a Christmas party I want something similar too. I don’t think that’s asking too much. I’m not demanding extra special treatment just pop a burger in the oven for 15 minutes! I’m happy with that!

So this is an appeal to all chefs in 2013 – you do a great job with veggie meals the rest of the year please put some thought into the festive offerings too!



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