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Best Buys for under 50p

ID-10042122Do you remember when a packet of Polo mints cost just 8p? If so, you’re probably a similar age to me, but what can 8p buy these days? Not much. How about 50p?

In my mission to find the genuinely nice or useful for under half a quid I’ve tried lots of stuff from value ranges and the cheaper shops, but some things (inevitably) are more successful than others.

I’ve also had to keep a close eye on the supermarkets as they seem to change price (and products) on a regular basis. For example, one of my successful buys is Tesco’s value-range baby shampoo. It smells (and works) exactly the same as the premium equivalent but cost between 9 and 11p a bottle. Bargain! Unfortunately, when I went to find a link for this article, it had mysteriously disappeared from the website. I’m mentioning it as it may well be available in-store, or appear again at any moment.

When looking for a sub-50p bargain in the supermarket, always check the bottom shelf. Goods are organised so that the things the supermarket most wants you to buy are at eye level and cheaper/better value products tend to be tucked away by your feet.

So, without further ado, my personal best buys for under 50p:

Tesco Everyday Value Apple Juice cartons. Three for 45p. Pure juice, nothing added. This is what my son has in his lunch box.

Vinegar is vinegar, surely? Own-brand is usually less than half the price and you can always decant it into a ‘nicer’ bottle. Sainsbury’s basics malt (for on chips) is 22p. White (or distilled) vinegar (which I use for cleaning) is 49p.

Life is too short to make your own Bourbon Creams and at 40p a pack (Sainsbury’s Basics), why would you?

Mozzarella from either Aldi or Lidl (both yummy) is just 47p.

Tesco Everyday Value pitta breads, 20p for six. These are a little smaller than the non-value version, but they taste just as good (especially when toasted).

Tesco Everyday Value long grain rice, 40p for 1kg. Is this as good as the leading brand? I have no idea. Is it perfectly pleasant and amazingly cheap? Yes.

This tip is actually from a dog-owning friend. Rather than using ‘special” bags for cleaning up after his canine pal, he uses Sainsbury’s Basics nappy sacks at 12p for 100.

How about you? Any best buys for under 50p? Please share!



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