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Shop Apps: Sale shopping made easy

Did you get an iPad from Santa? No, neither did I, I have to spend my hard earned cash on its monthly instalments. It’s ironic that the thing that made me bankrupt is actually very good at making it easy to buy even more!

The emergence of tablets and smart phones has taken the high street to another level. It’s not enough to simply have an awesome window display, but now shops compete to have the best apps and websites too. We don’t ask for much, as consumers, do we?

It can take me almost 3 hours to do a Sainsburys shop, between driving there, parking walking round, bumping into people, coming home, stopping off at KFC, and then putting it away before the Vienetta has melted. Instead, I can do it in 10 minutes, with a flurry of fingers on Bertha, my trusty iPad. Yes you have to wait in for the hour long delivery slot, and still put things away, but I am still saving 2 hours and you get to sit and relax during this time, instead of running the trolley gauntlet. It’s not like you can be cleaning the bathroom, or hoovering, in case the door knocks, noooooo. You have to be sitting on the sofa, cuppa and book in hand, quietly. It’s practically the law*.

Apps have become such a part of everyday life, with the unforgettable slogan “there’s an app for that” used in every household, whether in jest or serious. Shopping online has always been a quick and easy fix, but now it’s even quicker and easier to part you from your pennies. So the least shops can do is make it aesthetically pleasing to ease the pain.

The prettiest of them all is the Christian Louboutin app, though I’m to sure you can count that in shopping, more in the lusting category. It’s sparkly, and smooth, and simple to use. Something Zara takes on board too, with a sleek scrolling layout.

ASOS has a very good site, but I’ve had issues with prices being different on the app and website at the same time. Their basket is good, holding items for you until you check out, in it’s within an hour. I’ve lost 2 dresses this week because I was trying to find something else to buy from the website, but then ended up getting nothing at all. So frustrating.

Topshop have a clear, no nonsense app, but I’ve never actually bought anything using it. The wish list is nice, and lets you keep tabs on things you like. eBay is eBay, and the selling part of this app is very good. Argos have got the app just right, so it’s no surprise that they are talking of ditching the catalogue as we know it and focusing on electronic browsing.

Amazon is another leader, but it has issues with the sharing functions, which is annoying. However on the whole, it’s definitely the way to shop with Amazon, making the website seem crowded. It cannot buy kindle books on it yet, but I’m sure that will come.

All these apps are free, as are the majority of the shopping apps. I have seen ones that are charged, which reminded me of the charge for the Next Directory. However I immediately forgot which ones they were, as they didn’t deserve my time, or money for trying to charge for what everyone else is giving away.

There’s a great variety available, and it’s a good way of checking out what you want before hitting the high street. Screen shots of the page help, so you can show staff what you are looking for. Yes, it’s another thing taking shoppers from high streets, but shoppers haven’t the time, money, or energy to battle crowds, so at least this gives them a chance to shop. Without it, lots more companies would already have gone under, online sales keep companies afloat and able to run their not so profitable stores.

*When I’m ruler of the universe, this will be my first action. Vote for me!


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