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Back in September, I rashly signed up to a whole host of those “exclusive” shopping club websites. They send me a couple of emails a day about all the beautiful things that I can buy from them at bargain prices. I’ll admit to having caved a couple of times, but I more often than not see something that I could probably have a go at making myself.

A couple of years ago I’d bought a pack of WWII Spotter cards, a reproduction pack of the wartime playing cards featuring the silhouettes of various different planes. I’d vaguely thought of displaying them in a frame somehow, or in four matching frames, one for each suit.

Then I saw the ‘Welcome’ letter frame by Vintage Playing Cards at a friends house and remembered the playing cards I had bought.

Thirty minutes of fiddling about, including a little bit of swearing and a clever trick with blu-tack, has netted me these two delightful unique framed images.


(frames from IKEA, TARDIS from Gallifrey)

They please me because I made them and I like the images, and they also make my put-upon other half happier as it makes it look like he has some say in the look of the house. (He chose which planes would be featured, it took longer than it did to frame them!)

The other thing I’ve spotted recently and taken inspiration from are the fabulous book typographic prints by Wall Envy Art. Again, they’re nothing I could justify buying, but I can certainly attempt to make something similar for my own home. I’ve bought myself some typewriter font stamps and now just need to choose the books, the quotes and the frames.

I read something a while back (and now cannot remember where) about how seeing something someone else had created and then making your own version was ripping the original artist off. They’d had the big creative idea and you’re then just copying them and cheating them out of their money. I choose to look at it this way: if I could afford to buy it, I would. I’m not copying them in order to sell my own work based on their ideas, merely to brighten my home up a bit. If someone then sees it in my home and thinks “wow!”, they’re then likely to buy from the very person that inspired me, so then they’re gaining a sale.

Oh, and the tree decorations I made for my NCT friends were cooed over and made me rather embarrassed. This is my babas one, still in situ on the tree (which comes down on Sunday, boo hoo).


(Glass star by Paul Barlow of The Glass Shed, reindeer from Waitrose)

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  1. bodhimoments
    January 6, 2013

    Nice…. I am now considering actually making things I like instead of sighing over the online catalogues and deciding that they are too pricey… 🙂

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