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Celebrity Bigger (than everyone else) Brother

Claire+Richards+CELERITY+BIG+BROTHER+LIVE+LAUNCHOK, I admit it. I’m going to hold up my hands and accept my shame.  I confess that I watched the start of Celebrity Big Brother on Thursday night. Not for any high brow, anthropological study type reason, but simply because my beloved was watching it and we only have one TV. Secretly I was sorta relishing an opportunity to shout at the telly, because I’d had a stressy day and a bit of TV rage is always good for getting that out of my system.

The usual line up of models, ex-soap stars and reality TV nonentities was paraded out. Yes, I agree it’s funny how all of the celebs who were sent to the basement were prepared for their fate, made no fuss, looked completely unfazed and…were wearing warm clothes. As opposed to the Page Three ‘Stunna’ Lacey Banghard (no, really, that’s her name…) who rocked up in hardly anything, confessed she spent most of her time in her underwear and then proceeded to forget what her job was. But she’s really intelligent, honest!

Then, near the end, Claire Richards from Steps appeared. Now, I like Claire. I suspect that the reason her ‘Obsessed with Food’ series annoyed me so much was because I could see a bit of myself in her constant attempts to lose weight, and her self hatred. Of course, I’m so over hating myself for my size these days, but I *have* been there and it was quite painful to see someone else going through similar emotions to me, back in the day.

I really hope that Claire has made peace with being a size 16 now, not that I think a size 16 is huge at all, but I have a horrible sinking feeling that the media are going to be shredding her. It’s going to be interesting to see whether she’s feted as an example of the token fat bird who actually looks OK, the ‘big is beautiful’ poster girl with personality…or just slated every time she eats anything. I’m REALLY hoping the tide might be turning for plus size woman (and men, although I’m sure ‘Razor’ Ruddock will soon put anyone straight who dares to criticise him for his less-than-athletic form) and that maybe she’ll win, and that the media will stop picking on fat people.

Well, a girl can dream…

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