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Dare yourself to try something new today


As I write this, I’m psyching myself up to keep my word to myself and go to a salsa party. It’s snowing. The venue’s a long way from the station. I’ll probably get lost (if getting lost was an Olympic event, I’d have a Gold medal).

I haven’t taken dance classes since attempting adult ballet for beginners too soon after surgery (felt like Frankenstein’s Monster lurching about the studio). And, apart from the times during my counselling training’s bodywork modules where we had to dance a mix of Five Rhythms and freestyle, I haven’t danced in public for A Very Long Time.

While I watched less inhibited souls move with far more grace and confidence than I had during my training, I’ve become more embodied myself (I’ve since trained as a yoga therapist for mental health so kind of had to). And I love to dance around my home. Like doing cartwheels, it’s almost impossible to not smile while dancing.

And salsa sounds like FUN. I confessed to the (lovely) organiser that I have seven left feet and was told it would be fine. I like what I’ve heard of the music. And learning new moves with timing and balance is very good for the brain. Breaking routines is also good for our intuition and boosts creativity. Even with the snow, I know I’ll regret not going (if it’s too far out of my depth, it’s not like I have to stay).

When you think about daring yourself to try something new, make sure it’s enjoyable as well as a challenge.

What sounds like fun to you? Singing in front of an audience? Performing on stage? Experimenting with a new sport? No one’s in your head – you don’t have to do it – just allow yourself to imagine yourself doing it.

No one’s suggesting you go from 0-60 and throw yourself in at the deep end. But now you know what you like the idea of doing, think of ways to make it happen.

What stops you trying it? What support could you give yourself to give it a shot? What are the biggest obstacles you can think of? How might you overcome each one? What will you gain from doing it? What will you lose by never trying?

Dare yourself but do it in a supportive and gentle way.

Have fun!

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One comment on “Dare yourself to try something new today

  1. caro unlimited
    January 24, 2013

    There are a lot of things I’d like to try, and don’t, because I’m frightened – of failing at it, or of people laughing at me. I tend to stay within my comfort zone… but I’m going to take this post as a prompt to do one of those things, I think. Thank you!

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