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Have you heard of craftivism? As you may have guessed, it’s a mix of activism and craft or, to put it another way, it’s a way of using your ninja craft skills to join with others and raise awareness of issues.

I had heard the word mentioned but hadn’t researched it until I saw an image from the #iamapiece campaign. Something about that sweet stitched jigsaw piece made something fall into place (sorry) and I realised this was a project that married my desire to feel a part of something bigger than myself, to feel that I was doing something about the terrible and unjust things that go on in the world, and making pretty stuff.

The idea of the iamapiece campaign is that you make two jigsaw pieces. One, you send to become part of a massive craft project that will draw attention to the Race Against Hunger campaign and the other one you keep, to remind yourself that you are a part of the solution.

If craft isn’t your thing, or you are frightened that you don’t have the time to complete your fabric art, you can still take action. Head over to the Save The Children website and sign the petition. It’s a call to David Cameron to use his G8 presidency to ‘lead the biggest ever push to end world hunger’.



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