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All the pictures on the wall

What do you do with the photographs that you take? If you’re anything like me, not much. I love taking photographs with my ‘phone and my proper camera, and I like to think they’re usually pretty good. But once the pictures have been downloaded onto my laptop (an enormously dull chore, that), and I’ve faffed around editing them, well…. That’s it. Gone are the days where I’d amble to Boots and get film developed. Now my pictures only exist on a screen. All those sunsets, smiles and snow scenes, waiting patiently to be looked at and admired, to evoke memories and please the eye. Whispering “Please look at me”…..

And yet, what about that ‘picture wall’ I started in the kitchen that, 18 months later, still only has 6 pictures on it? And the stairway, entirely blank of wall? And those picture frames, warping and mouldering in a plastic bag in the lean-to? PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER, ME.

Yeah, I’m laaaazy. Also, rubbish at hanging anything straight, which doesn’t help.

I really really love the large frame in the image above – I’m not sure that something quite so big would work in my little house, but it’s a pretty simple idea that even a DIY doofus like myself should be able to accomplish on a smaller scale (how hard can a spot of colour photocopying be?). I’m thinking that I could do something similar with some of the (many) pictures I took in Paris last year – it does seem a waste to let them languish on Flickr.

Taking the idea of a photo wall a little further, how about this:

Doesn’t it look BRILLIANT? Please can someone come round to my house and do this for me? No? Boo.

Now that so many people Instagram their lives (myself included) there are loads of ways to turn your hipster pictures of rainbows/dirty burgers/street ‘art’ into tangible things – I’m rather taken with the canvas prints available at Canvas Dezign and Printerpix, to name just a couple of the sites that offer this service. You can also get magnetscoasters and posters with your Instagram pictures on. Cool.

Instagram prints on canvas, via Pinterest

Perhaps there’s one picture that you love so much you’d like it to cover a whole wall? The possibilities for a photo mural are endless – Paris at night for a bedroom wall, maybe? Or the New York skyline? This one is gorgeous:

via Pinterest, can’t find original source, grr

So – inspiration duly found, now I just have to choose which pictures make the cut. That might take a while…….


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  1. bodhimoments
    January 27, 2013


  2. smashingthroughlife
    January 28, 2013

    I love the pic taken from A Beautiful Mess! It’s such an interesting look.

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