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Photographic Memories

When I had my daughter in June 2012, my inlaws said how much she looked like her dad, and my mum said how much she looked like me. My inlaws then brought round a photo album to show me Anthony as a baby, and gave me a shock in doing so.

I’ve always been aware that my parents liked taking photos, we had a whole shelf of photo albums in the big bookcase. Every birthday, Christmas, and holiday away had three or four pages at least, as well as everyday activities being recorded. But the small album my inlaws brought round to show me contained several years worth of photographs, and only two or three of Anthony as a baby.

I take pictures of Megan every day, having a smartphone makes it quick and easy, but then all these photos just sit on my computer. I want her to be able to leaf through albums of her childhood like I can leaf through ones of mine, so I started looking for the albums that I wanted, ones with pockets so that the pictures don’t rely on sticky back plastic pages.

I couldn’t find the type I wanted anywhere, and then one day someone I follow on Twitter tweeted about “printing and sorting this months Project Life pictures”. This intrigued me, so I had a google.

Project Life is basically a simple scrapbooking system. You buy a binder, plastic pocket pages, and a base set of cards, then you fill it up. You can be as fancy or as simple as you like. You can do 365 photo-a-day spreads, or just use it for your holiday snaps. It’s not the easiest thing to get hold of in the UK, I had to wait a month for the UK supplier to get the card set I wanted into stock, but once I got hold of it all I was a happy creative bunny.

So far my binder contains three or four sets of holiday photos, a few from my various London wanderings, and is developing a page of particular favourite pictures from Twitter.



I haven’t yet added any text to the smaller cards for any of those pages, (or worked out how to print pictures the right size to fill the smaller pockets) but I have nearly finished doing them for my Christmas photos.


I’ve also enjoyed doing it so much, that I promptly ordered myself some complimentary card packs so that I can mix things up a bit.


Hopefully in years to come, we can look through this album (and its sequels) together, and I’ll not only remember the events documented by the photographs, but also the pleasure of recording the comments and notes that will be with them.


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