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Looking After The Inside And The Outside

The thing is I’m still not firing on all cylinders.

Like many of us I’m fed-up with the cold, dank, grey weather which seems have been with us forever,  and am longing for some sunshine – but it’s more than a seasonal disorder.  Just around Christmas I had this awful flu virus that completely flattened me. When I thought I had flu before, believe me it was nothing compared to this. My head was burning up, my body felt like it had gone through 12 rounds in a boxing ring and I simply could not get out of bed.

It went on and on, and, just when I thought it was finally over, I ended up with a nasty case of Labyrinthitis – an inner ear condition which made me sick and dizzy.

Suffice to say that particular nightmare is now over.  However, it’s mid February and whilst I am functioning far better than I was, I’m still not right.  My energy is low, I’m drained, bad tempered and pretty miserable to be honest.  I don’t like feeling this flat one little bit and am on the hunt for anything that might speed my recovery.

I am eating well and sleeping as I should and taking extra supplements but a quick google (I know, I know) and it seems that I could be suffering with Chronic Fatigue or even Post Viral Stress Disorder.  Whatever its called it’s debilitating and I’m fed-up. I want my health back.

I’ve generally been very fortunate to have mostly avoided ill-health in my life. When you have kids you tend to focus on their needs and can’t afford to be sick.  But maybe it’s payback time?  Perhaps I haven’t been looking after myself enough and my body has had a bit of a break-down. It happens.

It’s something I have thought about quite a lot recently, laid up in bed.

Whilst we pay to get our hair done, our nails manicured and all the bits that show (and some that don’t!) tidied up, how do we take care of ourselves from the inside?

As parents and carers we put ourselves way down on the list of priorities – someones needs are always ahead of ours. Before we know it we are running on empty – and that is no good for anyone.

So I decided it was time to take some action and care a bit more for me. A visit to my local beauty salon for a bit of TLC was way overdue.  I was soon in the right hands. Marcie Lee is much, much more than a beautician – she’s a holistic therapist who believes we should all look after ourselves inside as well as out.

Marcie Lee

Marcie Lee

Marcie quickly identified my low energy levels and suggested I try a session of EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique is described as a ‘therapeutic psychological tool’.  It claims to work through a combination of tapping and positive affirmations.  You – or your practitioner tap various points of the body with the fingertips. These points are based on energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments.

By simple tapping and thinking about your specific problem – be it a traumatic event, an addiction,  or in my case low energy,  then adding positive affirmations  – the emotional block  can be cleared – restoring both the mind and body’s balance.

It may sound a bizarre ‘hippy-dippy’ type therapy but there are many testimonials that can be found for EFT and there are also well documented cases of soldiers suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder benefiting from such treatment.  Of course I have to add a proviso – there are just as many skeptics who think it’s a load of bunkum, but I’m generally open-minded. I was naturally curious and found my session a fascinating experience.

I felt deeply relaxed and very comfortable with Marcie who combined my session with an  ear candling and a wonderful Thai foot massage.

I think you have to be fairly open to try such therapies,  and really want to help yourself. It’s certainly not magic but it can be a step on the path to healing.

Following the EFT session I can’t admit to experiencing a miraculous transformation with full energy restored, but I did feel a buzz that made me believe something positive had happened.

So perhaps it is just a placebo? Who cares.  I managed to spend some quality time on myself for once and came out feeling much brighter and vowing that it won’t be the last time.

Marcie’s tips for taking care of yourself:


Sleeping well can benefit your weight , mind and heart.  It can reduce the effects of stress and inflammation linked to premature ageing, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.  Aim for at least 6 hours per night.


Eating the right foods and varying your diet is essential in meeting your body’s needs.  Most importantly, when you need to occasionally indulge, enjoy the moment for what it is and not feel the guilt.  Guilt is an emotional burden that can make you feel “heavy” and can manifest into physical symptoms that affect the health.



Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and gives you a sense of accomplishment.  This may lead to a boost in your confidence and self esteem.  With regular physical activity oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your tissues which help you’re your heart and lungs work more efficiently.


Regular meditation (even for 10 minutes a day), clears the mind, brings focus and is stress releasing.  This can revitalise the body and have positive effects on your immunity.


Massage offers physiological and psychological benefits for every part of the body.  It boosts the circulatory system and increases blood flow, the lymphatic system which boosts the efficiency of the elimination of toxins, waste products and excess fluid in the body; the muscular and skeletal system as massage stretches and relaxes the muscles and reduces the stiffness of joints providing ease of movement.

 Pampering Yourself

There are psychological benefits of being pampered in a salon, letting an expert colour, cut and style your hair will decrease the damage of over processing.  Having a professional care for your hands and feet is important, the hands and feet look good and make you feel great but they can prevent fungal infections, in growing toenails, cracked heels and callouses.  Regular treatments can reduce the chances of diseases and infections.  With facials, having an expert to take care of your skin’s needs occasionally is important as it helps the turnover of cells to prevent ageing.

Most importantly, make time for yourself and let go of the guilt and remember the positive benefits that you are adding to your life.



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