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From Burn Out To Brilliant

What a difference a month can make. Thankfully.

Because when I wrote for Bea last month, I was a little bit broken, a little bit spent, or as I described it to people at the time ‘kinda like fucked’

A month ago on these lovely cyber pages I wrote how I’d burned myself out. I’d started a campaign last summer appealing to the editor of the Sun to take the bare boobs out. But what with The Sun being the most powerful paper in the country and Page 3 being an iconic part of their brand that they’ve been doing for 42 years, it proved not to be something that you could sort out in a few afternoons. So by January I was the ragged remains of once a really rather cheerful person.

And I didn’t know what to do.

It’s hard to know what to do in that situation. Everywhere I looked my life was bearing scars of having gone ballistic with the campaign. I’d used all my energy, I’d wrecked my relationship, I’d spent all my money whilst at the same time brilliantly scuppering my means to make more money, my family thought I was mad, that ‘I’d changed’ and I had an overwhelming need to sleep and I’ve got to say it, have a good cry.….Yet at the same time it felt as though my life was imploding, I was receiving emails from 15 year old girls, saying ‘thank you, for starting this campaign, I don’t feel so alone now.’

So what could I do?

Well, I figured I had 2 options

1)  Give up.

2)  Reach out and ask for help.

And this is where it got a bit scary. Because I opted for 2. I reached out to people. But they weren’t even people I knew.  I sent 6 emails to people I’d come across on the No More Page 3 Twitter and Facebook pages or who I had met once or twice at the protests at Sun HQ. I was relying on instincts. I thought that these people would be amazing to work with, and I thought they were nice people. So I explained what was going on with me, and how I didn’t want to say ‘laters’ to No More Page 3 but at the same time I knew that my burntout-ness wasn’t helping it at all.

I asked them if they wanted to form a team. I explained that ‘Yes’’s would be whooped at and of course that ‘No’s would be respected and totally understood.

And then I held my breath.

But not for very long.

Because each of them came back with a capslock YES. And not just a yes, but words of kindness and enthusiasm that made me cry then and are making me cry to remember now. And really quickly we became a team. And not just any team. But a brilliant team.

Their enthusiasm reinvigorated me. Whereas before I’d have an idea and not be sure if it was any good or not. Now there are 7 of us bouncing ideas around together. Or I’d have an idea I thought was good, but the thought of implementing it alone would leave me feeling exhausted. Suddenly, there were 6 other people saying, ‘yeah, I’ll do that.’ or ‘Can I do that?’ Or ‘ooo, we could even do this!’

And stuff started happening!!!

One thing that started happening was we got to tweeting Rupert Murdoch.

I’d had the idea of tweeting Murdoch way back, and included this little passage about it when we first started getting our lists of strategies together.

6) Rupert Murdoch Tweets – daily

I’ve always wanted to get this going but never have, but I’d love a Daily Persuade Murdoch To Drop Page 3 tweet at the same time. Ideally I’d love them to be funny and I’d love others to tweet him too. I love the challenge of persuading an elderly billionaire to do the right thing in 140 characters. We could even send him videos/links all sorts, eg @rupertmurdoch here I am appealing to you to drop Page 3 through the medium of mime

Save for the very occasional tweet to Murdoch, this had only ever been an idea in my head. I’d never got going with it. But the incredible new team did. And Rupert Murdoch started getting tweets!

Lisa even decided to devote a day to it. It was last Sunday, she wrote a blog and set about tweeting Rupert Murdoch and encouraging supporters to tweet him too.

And you might have heard. But Rupert Murdoch tweeted back. And after just one week of working together the new No More Page 3 team was catapulted into a bit of a media frenzy. And they have been incredible, absolutely incredible, talking to journalists, going on the radio, coming up with action plans, tending to twitter and facebook with wit and verve, cheering us through the 80,000 signature mark….they have been brilliant.

Just brilliant.

And that’s all I really want to share with Bea today. That it is possible to go from Burn Out To Brilliant in one month… Blimey! : )



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3 comments on “From Burn Out To Brilliant

  1. Writer In A Wheelchair
    February 16, 2013

    Wow congratulations! That’s pretty impressive. Hope you get a chance to get together as a team and do something fun to celebrate soon.

  2. Sarah
    February 17, 2013

    This is wonderful. I cheered when I saw the news (via Twitter!) about Murdoch replying to a NMP3 tweet and I remain in awe of what you’ve achieved. Congratulations and thank you!

  3. Stella
    February 19, 2013

    Excellent news and well deserved progress as a direct result from all your hard work.

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