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Trainers even a heels lover loves

Wedge trainers are everywhere. And like them or not, I’m going to bet money they are here to stay. Why? Because they are just so darn comfortable.

I’m a heels gal. Live in the things. Wouldn’t be caught dead outside the house in anything less than 3″. And yes, of course I have those silly mule slippers with the marabou feathers on them. But recently I got a pair of Whooga boots, and I realised, hey, maybe being comfy isn’t such a bad thing. And then it progressed to me ordering a pair of wedged trainers from ASOS. Velcro, and black, with a light rubber sole, they almost look orthopaedic. But they feel like slippers on my feet, I was pleasantly surprised! I can wear something casual, with a heel for height, and comfort and style, but yet not look like I’ve tried too hard. And honestly, cos I’m much more used to heels than flats, they are comfier than my air max trainers that I never wear, ever.

Perhaps though, you are on the other side of the scale, and cannot wear heels, but would like to, for whatever reason. These are a great way to test the waters, wedges are much easier to walk in than regular heels, and the comfort of having a trainer rather than silly fiddly straps can make all the difference to your opinion on heels.

As I said, they are available absolutely everywhere, with Ash being the forerunner in designer style. Many imitations are available, in various degrees of success, from £5 to £75. Here’s my pick of the best available at the moment from some well known high street, or online retailers.

River Island have a nice shoe, with a touch of diamanté making these seem a little fancier. I think every day needs a little sparkle, so for £35 these red wedges, with Velcro strap are a good purchase.

New Look have a leather version in the sale for only £15. Nice if you would prefer something a little more hard wearing, and in a more classic trainer shape. The wedge is well concealed, which can be hard to do whilst keeping a slimline boot, but I think this is a fairly decent try.

Dorothy Perkins aren’t trying so much to conceal the wedge, and have a tan/mink pair for £25. They suggest wearing with a tunic and leggings, which is sound advice, and certainly will be a popular style if the weather ever decides to wise up.

Not the most stylish offering of this post, but certainly the cheapest, these red boots are only £5, which is great if you really aren’t sure about them, but would like to try. Available in a few other colour from Everything5Pounds.com their stuff always sells out fast, especially if it’s on trend, but also gets restocked too if you miss out.


Finally, from Debenhams, this XTI offering in the sale for £30. Perhaps this is a bad photo, but is it just me or does it look like something Barbie would wear? One thing with wedge trainers is it can be hard to tell just how high the wedge is, and perhaps these are higher than the others, I’m not sure. They are a bit more out there, and certainly scream “sports lux”, but with the Velcro straps, and padded ankle they look really comfortable!

I’m not suggesting anyone wears these for sports, as I’m sure they don’t offer any real support, but as an alternative to constantly wearing heels, or when you don’t want to feel as dressed down as trainers can feel, these certainly do meet well in the middle ground. Plus, everyone knows, your bum looks better when you are wearing heels. And there’s no harm in trying to look awesome even when you are wearing trainers.


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