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Eating Machine!

Jack has ALWAYS liked food. When he was born my midwife warned that he would never be the nurser that his big sister was… sure it took a bit of learning for him, but once he got going he was awesome at it! His first food was homemade Leek and Camembert Tart and he hasn’t looked back since!

I used to be embarrassed by his eating habits. When all the other kids limited themselves to one cookie at Homeschool Co-op, Jack wanted the entire plateful. A lovely lady watching the scene remarked “I would like to eat them all too!” That made me feel so much better – she felt Jack’s pain.  Since then I have been a little more understanding… we’d ALL like to eat all the cookies, we just know we shouldn’t!

My friends would be envious of my “good eater.” There was no food Jack wouldn’t try and then enjoy. Even to this day I can’t think of any food he doesn’t like. He’s as equally enamored of fruits and vegetables as he is burger and fries…  well that’s perhaps not quite true… I just asked him and yes, burger and fries won out over any fruit or vegetable I mentioned.  Usually he just asks for both.

“More” was his first baby sign. No, I’m wrong again, “Milk” was his first sign, “More” was the second. It’s great to have a good eater but when you ask him what his favorite thing to do is and he says “Eat” then you know you have problems.

Babies born with Down Syndrome tend to have higher levels of the hormone Leptin, supposed to control weight gain and appetite, but apparently elevated levels means children with Down Syndrome may have some sort of resistance to it indeed, it’s a rare day when Jack says he is full (and it’s usually so he can go and do something else!). I have found that foods such as breads and cereals are his absolute favorites and since looking into the addictive nature of wheat here in the USA thanks to GMO production (wheat is now said to be as addictive as heroin due to the modifications of the grain) I have been trying to restrict, if not eliminate them from his diet altogether. As a young child he would snatch a loaf of bread, run off with it, hide and try and eat the entire thing. Even today a loaf of bread is a hidden treasure and we keep a tight watch on it.

We all have our weaknesses I know, mine is (good) chocolate without a doubt, but I honestly have to say I think Jack would eat until he threw up. I’ve never known him to stop without me stopping him. Obviously as he grows this could be a huge issue. The way we are handling it right now is to teach him as much as possible about the value of one food over another. There are many TV shows aimed at children all about food and dietary concerns. We try not to be preachy but we do make available as much fruit as possible at all times. If he’s hungry, fruit is the thing. (We DO still have to hide grapes when they come in the house… he’s like a Lemur with grapes!)

I asked Jack the other day what he would like to be when he grows up. I was certainly not surprised in the least when he said he’d like to be a cook.

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  1. mamajoyx9
    March 2, 2013

    So funny to hear about another “Carb King” as we call my little man who is 6 with Down syndrome. He would choose bread over ice cream and is constantly asking for tortillas and the like. There’s something about those carbs! (I can totally relate.) I always say, if I could just find a food-based curriculum to teach him all his academics, he’d be a whiz. For now I have to make it up as I go.


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