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Having finished my daughters name sampler, and then delighting in getting it framed for a bargainous £40 (including a solid oak frame and non-reflective glass), I’ve now found myself at a bit of a stitching loose end.


Well I say loose end, I mean I’m only currently working on two different cross-stitches. One is the cat picture I started when I was heavily pregnant, which is stitched on aida fabric (very defined square blocks),


the other is the ABC’s of Parenting which is stitched on linen (non-defined squares where you need a hoop to stitch).


I’m switching back and forth between the two depending on how much thinking I want to be doing about the stitching, the linen demands much more brain power!

But I’m still thinking about other designs I fancy stitching, and regularly keep adding things to various online shopping baskets.

Top of my list is this exploding TARDIS cross-stitch pattern.


I loved this particular Doctor Who episode and since I’ve already stitched a version of The Starry Night it would be lovely to have this alongside it.


Or I could whip myself up one of these rather accurate bookmarks from subversive cross stitch. Possibly helpful for when I start back at work and need to catch the bus again.


I’m also deeply in love with, well EVERYTHING sold by Red Gate Stitchery, although I think that my first purchase may well be this rather amazing leather cuff.


Now I just need to arrange for those extra two hours a day and extra day a week so that I can get all my non-stitchy projects done… oh, and then there’s housework…

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