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Massaro serves up legacy for squash

Laura Massaro at David Lloyd ChorleyTalking about creating a sporting legacy has become a bit of a cliche in the wake of the Olympics.

But squash star Laura Massaro – the world number three – means it, and what’s more, she’s got a national gym chain (and her brother) involved as well.

“I want to raise the profile of squash and create a legacy,” she enthuses.

And that’s why last week saw her organise the WSA (Women’s Squash Association) Courtcare Open and bring professional squash players from all over the world to the David Lloyd centre in Chorley, where Massaro has trained for her entire ten-year senior career – and where there’s a court named after her.

She and her brother, Chris Lengthorn, spent the week before the tournament holding workshops and coaching sessions in junior and secondary schools, culminating with a competition in the lead-up to the women’s tournament.

The little Lengthorns got into the sport as children; their parents played, and took them down to their club. It wasn’t long before the youngsters joined in.

“The first picture of me on a squash court playing is about the age of 7,” recalls Laura, “and I started proper coaching and entered tournaments from the age of about 12 or 13, when I started taking it a lot more seriously.”

That dedication paid off. She turned pro at the age of 19, rising up the world rankings, and deferring her university place, which she’s still not taken up.

Not only does she want to encourage young people to try out squash, she also recommends it as a fun way to improve your fitness.

“It’s a brilliant sport for speed, strength, racquet coordination, and it’s a game!” she says. “It’s a great workout, and you don’t really know you’re doing it. You might never be a pro, but it’s great to play with your mates.”

Laura Massaro is also an ambassador for The Big Hit, an initiative to promote squash and racketball.


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