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TV Style Icons: Mad Men

Rather than pick one person out, lets just have a round of applause for every single person who has ever set foot on the Mad Men set. They have managed to make all vintage lovers both elatedly happy, and ridiculously sad at the same time.  No longer will they be ridiculed for looking like they just stepped out of a War-Time re-enactment, instead they will be applauded, admired, and envied, for managing to look absolutely fantastic, and perfectly retro. However, the sudden desire for all things vintage has made the usual gems of a jumble sale, or eBay, prime targets for uneducated sellers, ruthless buyers, and now being a vintage goddess suddenly costs the earth!

mad men 1

There is one thing that stands out for me, which was of course synonymous with the period, and that is a lack of flesh. No boobage. And yet these women are still (rightfully) regarded as some of the sexiest ladies on TV. This is very refreshing, given that even Sherlock Holmes recently had to turn to complete nudity to catch Sherlocks eye.  High necklines, and low hemlines have filtered through to the high street, and midi length dresses are everywhere you look. I personally love this, especially in the weather at the moment, wearing the thickest tights I own, and knee high boots, and staying warm whilst wearing a dress!  Short ladies, like myself, do have issues with some midi lengths being a foot too long, but its easily sorted with a sewing machine, or get a friend/seamstress to do it if you’ve also got 10 thumbs.

Pencil, wiggle, or hobble skirts make up the most of Joan’s wardrobe, accentuating her insane hip/waist ratio.  That woman has a body to die for. We do know that from seeing Christina Hendricks out of character that she must be wearing the most uncomfortable corset in the world to control those curves, as they are even more insane in real life. But if I were her, I would take inspiration from her costumes, as many many other ladies do, and dress a bit more retro in every day life. She falls short of the mark on so many public occasions, her boobs making for more headlines than her acting skills, which is an absolute disgrace. Yet she still continues to wear dresses, pushing her cleavage up so high she could rest her chin on them. Why?! The crumbs that must get down there during dinner…… Perhaps she thinks people would think she’s doing a Daniel Day Lewis, method acting, and staying in character constantly. Whatever the reason, she’s a perfect example of why women should realise that it is indeed sexier to cover up, rather than flashing the flesh.

mad men 4

Flared skirts feature for other characters, which again, is brilliant news for the high street shoppers. Vivian of Holloway has been creating the perfect ’50s style dresses for years, and although they are a bit pricey, they are worth it. Glamorous  but more importantly, fun to wear, especially with a petticoat. I dare you  to put on a flared dress, a flouncy underskirt, and not spin round in a circle, squeeing. You wont be able to resist. It’s impossible. I imagine half the day on the set of Mad Men is spend with the director shouting  “For flips sake, January, would you just. Stand. At. Peace. PLEASE” “Could some one please pick her up off the floor, she got so dizzy she fell down. Again.”

I’m not even going to mention the men. Other than to say swooooooooon. Well, most of the time.

mad men 3

Retro, vintage, Mad Men-esque styling, call it what you like, is one style that will not be going away any time soon. If it can be popular for 60 years, that’s testament to its staying power. The reason for this is evident in Mad Men; it really can suit everyone. Tall, short, whatever your waist size, if pencil skirts aren’t for you, then flared dresses are, or perhaps winkle pickers, and flat pumps, with a cropped jacket, it is a style that you shouldn’t be scared to embrace.

Cast of mad men


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  1. Smash
    March 14, 2013

    I love love love the style on this show! You hit the nail right on the head with this post, great stuff! 🙂

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