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No More Page 3 Update – by Hayley Devlin.

Red Nose Hayley

It’s hard work, this being a student nonsense. Between the drinking all night and the hungover sleeping all day, I also go to classes, do my assignments (always on time, I must add) and work silly hours at a late night bar. Yep, life as student it tough…

Ok, maybe it isn’t exactly tough, but back in December when the lights were on the tree and presents were being wrapped, I was knee deep in coursework, endless shifts over a very busy holiday season and sadly, had to give up being part of the No More Page 3 Team.

So, it delights me that three months later and with coursework out of the way, Lucy & Company have let me back on the team, and oh, how things of changed. For starters, there are now ten of us (one of them is a bloke) on the team which is very, very exciting. Ten complete strangers, almost all of whom have never met, working from all over the country to get rid of Page 3. Then there’s the fact that petition is at almost 87,000 signatures, our Twitter followers have swelled in numbers and more and more universities are joining us and getting their Union’s to stop selling The Sun altogether. My own university included and since leaving the Campaign MMU has created its own Women/Fem Society… Progress!

I knew I had to get involved with the campaign again not only because I really missed it, but because the more time I spent away from the campaign, the more I began to see just how important it is. I work in a busy bar in the centre of Manchester, I work long hours and I work very hard, mostly because I actually really enjoy my job. I have always been very lucky too; I’ve never had to deal with rude, leering customers usually just a few drunkards wanting to know if it hurt when I fell from heaven (what a line). So, the horror and, surprisingly, shame I felt when, whilst making a cocktail for a group of gentlemen I heard one of them turn to his mates and say ‘watch her tits when she shakes them, they wobble’, knocked me down full force. So embarrassed by the encounter, I had to get one of my male colleagues to take over and spent the rest of the evening feeling dirty, like the entire scenario had left me tainted.

I have never heard a customer comment on my male counterparts when they shake cocktails, and I know they wouldn’t stand for it. So why was it that just because I was female, the customer felt it ok to so openly comment on my boobs, which I must add, were actually covered up and not at all ‘giving them an eyeful’? The customers were removed from the establishment for making a member of staff feel uncomfortable but I was left to see, with whole new clarity, just why No More Page 3 meant so much to me.

Boobs are great. No, boobs are wonderful. I am damn proud of mine and my boyfriend never seems to complain, but they are MY boobs. If I want you to comment on them, I will ask. A women’s breast should not be a public commodity, no part of her should. I should be able to go to work and know that I am somewhere I feel comfortable, where I can be myself and get on with my job. Not feel too afraid to be a good bar tender and shake cocktails, just because it draws attention to my chest. Look me in face and say that.

So, I’m back and I’m here until Page 3 is gone, because I’m bored of people assuming its ok to have a conversation with a women’s chest over her face. I can’t wait to see the campaign continue to grow and won’t stop until me and my boobs are safe to shake cocktails without being picked on.

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2 comments on “No More Page 3 Update – by Hayley Devlin.

  1. knittedfog
    March 15, 2013

    Well done Bea, keep it up. I appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

  2. gemgemgoesglobal
    April 11, 2013

    women shouldn’t be objectified, end of story. choose whatever career you want so long as it makes you feel good and makes you happy – but keep your boobs out of our newspapers and put them in a lads mag or a health mag if you really want to show them off.

    i also did a blog in support if no more page 3. check it out of you like 🙂

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