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Review of the Bella Louise Plain Split Wooden Spank Paddle

015Bella Louise are a newly established company based in the South East of the United Kingdom. They sell on the www.bellalouise.co.uk website and they very kindly offered to send me a selection of their hand made Paddles in return for a review.

I decided to review each product individually, the reason for this is that I found that each of the paddles were so different and I wanted to spend time enjoying the characteristics of the products instead of trying to squeeze them all into the same post.

The first paddle that I picked up was the Plain Split Wooden SpankPaddle which retails at a very reasonable £21.99 from the Bella Louise Website and it also comes with free UK delivery.

The Plain Split Wooden Spank Paddle is hand crafted by Mark, the Bella Louise technician (who I am told is a perfectionist) and finished in the very best Danish oil so that liquids are not absorbed into the wood and won’t affect the appearance or the strength of the paddle. This procedure also ensures that the Paddle lasts as long as possible.

The Paddle also includes the Bella Louise logo on the handle. However, I am told that the wooden paddle range can also be personalised so you can ask for something different if you like.


The Paddle arrived in a tubular parcel and was packaged plainly in brown paper. There was no indication of who the sender was or what the contents of the tube were. I wasn’t expecting them at the time so it was a lovely surprise! The Paddles were also individually wrapped to and looked amazing. Real attention to detail had been paid to ensure that every aspect of the packaging was perfect.

On first inspection, the Paddle looks incredibly sleek and is very well made. There are no lumps or bumps on the design and no sharp edges. Mark is indeed a perfectionist!

Because the Paddling section has been split into two sections it is designed to deliver a bigger sting on bodily impact and give the impression of being hit with two smaller paddles. After receiving a few hefty thwacks myself, I can confirm that this is absolutely true… ouch!

Because of the split in the wood, I also found that it was much lighter to use than an ordinary paddle and also gives a very satisfying whistle as it glides through the air.

The areas of skin that the paddle impacted upon did remain quite reddened and marked for a few hours after usage but these faded overnight and left no lasting bruising I was pleased about.

Overall, the Bella Louise Plain Split Wooden Spank Paddle is a really great product. The time and care that has gone into creating this hand crafted Paddle doesn’t only stop with the immaculate design and beautiful finish of the product. It is carried on throughout packaging and delivery and because of this, the whole experience was truly a delight.

It was a pleasure to review this Paddle and I look forward to seeing what other delights the Bella Louise company has to offer.



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