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Spring clean your life and make space for the new

Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman / Freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman / Freedigitalphotos.net

Technically the first day of spring, March 21st, Spring Equinox, is a great day to think about lightening up in every area.

As well as spring cleaning your home, car, office and anywhere else you spend a lot of time, think about all the old attitudes and habits which are holding you back. Visualise yourself releasing them, too.

Are there any grudges you’re holding on to? Are you struggling to forgive yourself for things that belong in your past? Can you draw a line under at least some of it?

Perhaps there are emotional issues which you need support dealing with. Spending some time exploring these issues with a professional may feel messy while you revisit painful experiences but, ultimately, can be incredibly cleansing.

If it’s just habit and you can free yourself by simply choosing to move on, consider doing so. As you get organised and clean, do it mindfully. As you take the bin bags out, visualise yourself releasing emotional rubbish.

You may even choose to list things and safely burn them as you let them go (some people enjoy writing such lists on toilet paper and then flushing their troubles away).

Think about all you’re ready to release mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as physical clearing:

Space clearing

Open all your windows – I know, this time last year we (in much of the UK) were enjoying a heat wave. But even if (like me) you’re shivering, just ten minutes (do it while you’re vacuuming and you’ll soon warm up) will help freshen up your entire home, releasing negativity and letting in fresh, cleansing air.

Pour small piles of salt in each corner of every room and leave overnight. This is said to absorb negative energy and is easy to vacuum up the following morning.

Clean your windows – in feng shui, this is said to enhance your reputation and it’s also a symbolic way of increasing clarity as you’ll be able to see more clearly. Polish your mirrors too and as your reflection clears, maybe say some kind words to yourself as an antidote to all the judgment you’ve heaped on yourself in the past.

Get organised – keep the things you use but ensure they have a place to live (storing like with like and keeping things close to where you use them most works for many people), keep the things that make you grin. Everything else can go. If something is no longer right for you but it could bring happiness to someone else, donate it to charity. Throw away or recycle the rest.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of these suggestions, take some deep breaths with longer, calming exhalations. Mentally wander around your home. Which areas raise your stress levels to just imagine them?

You may find it helpful to begin with a list and note all the parts of your home that need organising, from kitchen cupboards to sock drawers, stacks of goodness-knows-what in your office to your wardrobe.

Some people may be able to spring clean an entire home in a short space of time but for most of us, it may take longer. Use this Equinox to get you started, feeling the season support you but avoid overwhelming yourself by attempting too much in one go.

I’ve worked with clients who’ve let things get so out of hand they were unable to sleep in their beds for a while. Others have a far lower tolerance for chaos and can feel anxious at the idea of just one stack of papers that hasn’t yet been properly filed.

Think about what you need and how you work best – devoting a day to spring clearing can be quite cathartic if that suits you. But for many, setting a timer for 30 minute bursts and just doing one drawer / shelf / small space a day until it’s all done (and then continuing to maintain it) is a more workable solution.

Involve your family or anyone else you share space with. Encourage them all to release what no longer serves, suits or makes them grin while making room for the new.

I bet you feel lighter already but for some feng shui tips, check out Priya’s blog.

Welcoming the new

Now you’ve made some space in your home and life, think about the coming months. What do you want to welcome into your life? Ponder what you want to blossom in your life, work and relationships this spring? Think about the practical steps you can take to make their flowering more likely.

Enjoy spending time in your newly revitalised space!

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