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Easter treats with a veggy twist

ID-10037229Ah Easter. Time to stuff your face with chocolate and remember the true meaning of this time of year. Something to do with hot cross buns?

Anyway, as a vegetarian, chocolate is not an issue. I can eat it. However if you are vegan, or have a dairy intolerance, this clearly presents a whole host of issues. There is vegan chocolate out there but it’s not particularly easy to find. Google vegan Easter eggs and loads appear but are more expensive and usually involve delivery charges. Holland and Barratt do have a good selection but that’s pretty much it for the high street. Hopefully things are changing, just as they did with diabetic chocolate several years ago. I can remember as a child knowing someone who had diabetes and at Easter he just wanted to hide away as there was nothing he could have. Now you can find diabetic chocolate and Easter eggs in the supermarkets so fingers crossed for some vegan crossover too.

As far as vegetarian Easter treats are concerned most eggs are fine but the contents can be a different matter. Jelly sweets and marshmallows are no go areas for me because of the gelatine but these are definitely easier to track down than they used to be. Even Asda stock veggy Haribo, although they are more expensive than the normal ones. In Aldi this year I found veggy mere cats in the Easter treat aisle. No idea what they have to do with Jesus’ death on a cross but they were gelatine free so I’m not complaining! I also spotted veggy jelly beans in Home Bargains although the flavours were quite unusual, including liquorice, cola and mint. If you just need a sugar rush then Starburst, or Opal Fruits as they should be known, are vegetarian along with Skittles and Soft Fruits. Again, Holland and Barrett is great for more unusual vegetarian sweets and treats as long as you don’t mind paying a little more than usual.

And of course there are some people who have given up chocolate for various reasons and won’t be having any for Easter, including Bea’s very own Keris, who is doing it to raise money for a very worthwhile cause, MS, in memory of her lovely mum. What better Easter treat could there be than helping her out with a donation at beatms.mssociety.org.uk/netcommunity/maureenjames

Image courtesy of Jeroen van Oostrom / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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