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Arsenal and England’s Alex Scott talks about cups, championships and girls’ football

AlexScott620Alex Scott could be forgiven for being a bit bewildered when we speak. It’s the morning after a devastating FA Cup win for her team Arsenal, who knocked holders Birmingham out of this season’s competition. Not by a minimal margin, either – this was a thumping 6-0 win.

“It was so strange,” she says. “I don’t think they got anywhere near us.”

That means the defending FAWSL champions are still on course to win a domestic treble this year, and are still in contention for the Champions League, facing Vfb Wolfsburg this Sunday (14th April) at Boreham Wood’s Meadow Park.

The right-back has had a busy week. On Sunday, she picked up player of the match in England’s 1-0 win over Canada, setting the side up for their European Championship campaign this summer.

“It was good. It’s not often a defender gets that kind of honour – it usually goes to the striker who scores the goal!” she laughs. “It was a surprise, but I’ll take it.”

Scott put in an impressive performance in what was an underwhelming game overall, but as she’s at pains to point out, “We knew we didn’t play very well. Canada seemed tired. The positive thing to take from it is we still managed to grind out a result.”

She’s busy off the pitch too, most notably with the women’s football academy at Kingston University that she’s given her name to and with which she’s heavily involved.

“I came through an academy myself – I loved being able to play football every day and combine that with my studies,” she explains. “So I was really up for doing this – I go down there, go to the matches, take some coaching sessions, meet with the girls and talk with the girls. I love it. It’s the opportunity to give back.”

As she rightly observes, not all young women who want to improve their football skills are necessarily at a high enough level to be snapped up by an academy such as Arsenal’s, and some may want to continue their studies as well; this is a way of doing that. Having the endorsement of someone as talented and high-profile as Scott must also be a huge confidence boost for the girls.

“When I go down and I watch the games, they tell me it means a lot. I’m just standing there watching, I’m encouraging them, but really I’m not doing anything! So if I can give that boost to girls, and it makes them want to play, then it’s great.”

Arsenal play Vfb Wolfsburg this weekend in the semi-final of the Champions League, kick-off 2pm at Meadow Park, Boreham Wood.

Image courtesy of The FA.

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