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TV Style Icons: Girl, Interrupted

If you haven’t watched Girl, Interrupted, then I suggest you do that, as soon as you’ve read this post. I won’t post spoilers, but it really is worth a watch, and not just for the style!

Winona Ryder was at her best in the ’90s. I won’t judge all that’s happened to her since, as she’s never going to do enough to tarnish her reputation in my eyes. Star of some of the best teen angst movies, like Heathers, Mermaids, and Reality Bites, her wide eyes, infectious bad mood, and the best pixie crop ever seen, she certainly pulls out all the stops as 18 year old Susanna, who after an overdose, checks into a an asylum in 1967. An aspiring writer, she struggles with accepting her issues, and struggles with life among the other girls. Her parental visits are hilarious, and as she pretends to herself, and the world, that she’s fine, it’s a moving portrayal of depression, and the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds it.

The old building, and grounds featured in the film are visually stunning. Old metal beds, and iron bars on the windows make you wonder just how uncomfortable a hospital stay really was. Certainly miles away from the free wifi, and personal TVs that we expect these days. The nurses are lead by a firm, but compassionate Whoopi Goldberg, in retro crisp plain white uniforms.

Winona has a style that’s continued to be popular even to this day. Breton stripes, and a thin leg black trouser, with minimal make up, focusing on her eyes, and a subtle colour on the lip. Even just seeing this pic makes me want to go get my hair all cut off again, but reality is, there are few who can pull it off quite this effortlessly.


I don’t know what it is about this jumper, but I love it. It almost looks like it’s on back to front, and it’s short sleeved style, with yellow piping, really doesn’t work on paper, but looks fantastic with wide leg flared jeans, and unbrushed hair. How? How is it that she competency perfects the casual look, yet when I try it, I look like I slept on the floor in my clothes?


The late Brittany Murphy may have made her name in Clueless, but it was in this movie that she made everyone take her seriously. She’d lost some weight, though still with her expressionable face, her disturbed character Daisy is painful to watch. Regardless of what she’s been through, her hair is perfectly coiffed, and the entire outfit is thought through, even matching her hairband to her jumper. Her style is more early Sixties, and seems quite adult, in appearance, though she’s obviously far from mature. Poignant watching this performance, knowing now Brittany’s erratic last years before her early death.


Angelina Jolie won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. I think she deserves another award for being seen with hair that bad. Her rocky, dirty, dishevelled appearance, is such a contrast to the other characters, and so is her personality, as Lisa. Looking perhaps more like an american teenager at the turn of the decade than the others, her vest tops, and crew neck tshirts, paired with masculine jeans or chinos, Lisa is a rebel from society, in all manners. While everyone else tries to cling to some semblance of normality, Lisa couldn’t care less how people see her, or rarely even looks at herself. Though I’m not a fan of Jolie, she more than deserves the accolades she received in this role.


Jared Leto stars as Susanna’s boyfriend, Toby. The less said about this beard the better. Thankfully he does shave it, to leave the most ridiculous porn-star moustache ever. Urgh. I’m glad I am an Eighties child, if they are the facial hair trends I missed out on!


The film is based on Susanna Kaysen’s book of the same name, the real story of her time spent in a mental institution, a best seller when it was published in 1993.


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