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Through the looking glass

Graham & Green Mirror

Graham & Green Mirror (details below)

My current obsession with this song provided the inspiration for this month’s post (seriously, it’s been my earworm for weeks now). That, and the fact that there are only two mirrors in my house – a big one in the spare room where the light’s not great, and a ridiculously tiny mirrored cabinet in the bathroom where the light’s even worse.

My plan is to dispense with the Lilliputian cabinet and replace it with a really big mirror with a shelf underneath (and repaint the burgundy walls a much paler colour to improve that light). I really like these:

£100, from John Lewis (I’d hang it horizontally)

£325, by MijMoj at notonthehighstreet.com (I love that it has its own shelf)

£150 (reduced from £195), the French Bedroom Company – I love the idea of those tealights twinkling

I also love the idea of using big mirror tiles to cover the whole wall above a sink too, which would be especially effective in small spaces to reflect light and create a feeling of more space (*decorating cliché klaxon*). One must be wary of using them in certain areas though, for example opposite the toilet….

For the bedroom, I love this mirror with beautiful mother of pearl inlay. Unfortunately my bank balance keeps making a really high-pitched screeching noise whenever I look at it.

£450 (OUCH) from Graham & Green

This one makes my bank balance much happier, and I really like its simplicity – nothing to distract me when I’m putting my face on in the morning:

£60, Ikea

Debenhams have a few pretty and inexpensive options, like this one by Matthew Williamson…

£40, Debenhams

…and this one by Gisela Graham:

£35, Debenhams

I’m not massively keen on ‘novelty’ mirrors (like this, ugh) but show me one shaped like a retro television and I’m all “GIMME THAT!” 🙂

£104, from Artisanti

For more ideas, see my Bea board on Pinterest



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