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Walk for women


Hello Bea, I’d like to share an idea with you.

One hundred years ago thousands of women walked from all across Britain, starting from as far away as Lands End and Newcastle, converging in Hyde Park, London on the 26th July.

There were 50,000 women assembled in Hyde Park on that day in 1913. They were demonstrating to the government how many women wanted the right to vote.

My idea, dream, is to celebrate those women this summer by gathering with a few, or with many, and walking. Yep, just walking, in Britain, our green and pleasant land.

As we walk I love the thought that it could be a time to share stories, about what it means to be a woman now, and a time to remember the struggles that the women who came before us endured for our freedom and rights. But also a time to think about what we can do to make life better for future generations of women. And let’s please walk with men, if they’d like to walk with us, men also spoke out and fought for our suffrage, let’s show our sons that equality works for all.

I feel quite emotional to be honest when I think about this. My fertile imagination conjures up images of walking through villages, women and men of all ages, perhaps some wearing a sash or a hat or rosette in remembrance. And (in my furtive imagination) there’s a choir singing or a group of Brownies have made cakes assembled in a village we walk through. And while we are walking, there are other groups, in other areas doing the same. We’re all walking and celebrating the fact that we’re free and honouring the fact that is was because of the suffrage movement.

So, that’s the idea in my head. A fabulous woman in Brighton is co-ordinating a route from Brighton to London starting on Sunday 21st July and ending in a flop in Hyde Park on the Saturday 27th July. It will be split into sections so that people can do a whole day walking, or half a day, or just meet us somewhere for lunch. My dream of smiling Brownies in rural villages is somewhat being eclipsed by finding it impossible to speak to the right people in District Councils and things like Public Liability Insurance.

I’m out of my comfort zone to be honest, in fact it’s all a bit ‘gahhhh, my comfort zone is WAY over there!!!’ But I really think it could be beautiful and fun to celebrate the women who fought for our freedom.

I’d love to know what YOU think?

And if you want to help? There’s so much we could do to make this glorious!

Could you organise a walk in your area? For one or two friends or on a bigger scale?

Would you like to work with me in a team to see if we can pull the Brighton to London one off?

So, please join me!

Please help me!!!

Let’s Celebrate Women.

Let’s Walk For Women.


Walk for Women

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  1. liveotherwise
    May 16, 2013

    Great idea. Will certainly do what I can to spread the word.

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