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Grabbing Gatsby

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or on another planet, you will have heard that the newest release of The Great Gatsby has just hit the cinemas. Leonardo di Caprio plays the title role, and what a title that is.

There hasn’t been a movie in a long time that has influenced style quite as much. The world has literally got itself into a flap about ’20s fashions.

For men, it’s bow ties, and sharp, well fitted suits, in lighter colours than you would perhaps think of when buying a three piece set. Bow ties are cool. I am definitely behind this trend.

Embellishments, Art Deco prints, feathers, sparkles galore, are the things to turn to if you fancy trying the Great styles. You can go understated, with a lace top and jeans, or go all out glamour, with feathers in your hair, and a jewelled flapper dress.

New Look have a surprising selection in, proving that even budget high street stores, aimed at a much younger generation, have decided that Gatsby is The Style of 2013. This of course is good news, as it’s often the cheapest way to try something that you may be unsure of, and can always pass it off to a dressing up box if you don’t get on with it.

A simple lace top, such as this, paired with straight leg trousers, and a jewelled necklace is a subtle nod to the trend. Admittedly 20s styles were all about the skirts, and dresses, but for some there really is a fine line between taking an influence for fashion, and method acting.


Even jeans can be paired with sparkles. This scalloped clutch also from New Look won’t carry the kitchen sink, but it’s cute, and if you are having a lunch date, it’s classy enough to dress up a casual style.

Alternatively, this simple slouchy top, with embellished sleeves, paired with jeans, and even Cons if you wish, is a cute way of going a wee step further with your staple jeans & tee.

I love this lavishly embellished jacket, for £59.99. It’s absolutely bonkers, will probably shed beads every time you lift an arm, and I’ve no idea what to wear with it, but I need it.

Wallis have several lovely offerings. Art Deco style earrings, with a matching necklace if you have a particularly strong neck, would never look real, but against a simple black dress, and maybe a nod to the aqua colour in your heels, or nail varnish, and the end result would simply be stunning.

The aptly named Gatsby scarf print dress from Oasis is a cute dress, suitable for work. Flat pumps and bare legs and a cropped jacket are all that’s needed.

A more interesting item is this head chain. Worn either across the forehead or more like an Alice band if you like, it’s held in place with small combs. Added to a simple up do, this is sure to get compliments.

A huge fad of 2012 was collar clips, and again from Oasis, they see them fit for another season, introducing glitzier vintage styles. Perfect on a jacket, rather than a shirt.

Silver and pearl hair combs would look very cute in cropped hair. You could pin some feathers behind it for some extra pizazz.

The Coast Verbier dress, at £350, is certainly a dress to get you noticed. Unashamedly glamorous, flapper style, featuring a full ruffled feathered skirt. Add metallic heels, and a tuxedo jacket, and you too could catch the eye of a swimming pool-fearing millionaire.


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