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This month, I’ve given up on fashion. Everything there is for sale in the shops is all uninspiring, samey, cheap rubbish, or maybe I’m just being fussy. Even my most favourite designer, Vivienne Westwood, has let me down seriously this week (long story), so I have abandoned all faith in even expensive material items.

But yet, I still have that urge to shop.

Regardless of need, or desire, there’s something very pleasing about getting a bargain. Or even an item for free. Here is a bunch of stuff available on the internet, or in high street stores, that will make good use of your spare change knocking about at the bottom of your bag.

Did you know, that Amazon lists the top 100 Kindle books? Of course you did. But did you know, that it also lists the top 100 FREE Kindle books? I downloaded 21 books today, and aim to spend my entire weekend in bed reading. I better get the snacks ready, and the pizza menu handy.


Image courtesy of Tina Phillips / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For the XBox360 gamers out there, for a limited time, Fable 3 is available for free download, but only for those who have XBox Live Gold. Simply go to Fable 3 on the XBox Marketplace, select buy with Microsoft Points, and the amount due will be zero. There will also be free Halo and Assassins Creed games in July, so make sure and keep your eye out for them.
After that temporary mask slip, showing my inner geek there, I’m simply going to say 3 words.
Kurt. Geiger. Sale.
While browsing in New Look on an unofficial extended lunch break, I noticed the bracelets and earrings are on buy 1 get 1 free. Varying degrees of quality, and style, but shiny things always make me happy, so it’s worth a look in store if you are bored.  Katy Perry eyelashes were on sale in my local store, for £2, and I gave in and bought both the blue, and purple tinted lashes.
This swooshy maxi dress is available in the Wallis sale for £30. Swooshy dresses are awesome. And I like the necklace neck bit thing. I really should be better at writing about fashion by now, but really, swooshy necklace thing is the best I can do. I want it.
Next is a bargain for the house, in the form of a Phillips Airfryer. Ive had my eyes on these for a while, having heard great reviews from a friend, and £89 from Amazon.co.uk is the best price I’ve seen.
How would you like a brand new summer outfit for £14 from H&M? Yes please. This would be perfect for a trip to the beach, or a picnic, where you might/will get grass stains, but for these prices, you wont mind.

hm top

hm chino
hm trousers

hm shoes

Ballet pumps for £4.
For those who have yet to buy a Father Day present, or have a partner to treat, or who want to do what I did and buy this for someone else, and then never let them wear it because I’m wearing it, this super soft fleecy Superman bath robe for £25 from Argos makes a fun, useful present for the geek in your life. And with the new Man Of Steal film out today, you will get brownie points for paying attention. And you can borrow it, and it’s really amazingly soft and comfy.
Unfortunately it is easier to get virtual goods for free, as with the kindle books, and xbox games listed above, but I do live in hope that more companies will run a BOGOF offer on the masses of sale stocks, like Dorothy Perkins have done in the past. It may not be an essential purchase, but the smug satisfaction of a bargain hunter is priceless.

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