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Creating sunshine memories


Even though it seems as if spring has only just sprung, today’s the longest day (in the northern hemisphere) of the year.

Rather than weeping at the idea of them getting shorter and colder and winter soon being upon us, think about your favourite things about the warmer weather.

How can you find ways to make as many sunshine memories as possible?

After this seemingly endless winter, I know I’ve been appreciating the sunshine and warmth more than any other time in my life.

I’ve been sitting outside reading as often as possible – initially in an attempt to create some much needed mood boosting vitamin d but I quickly discovered that short sunshine breaks made working long hours feel far more balanced.

There’s something about sitting barefoot on the grass, headphones in, reading (even work related books and magazines) with a glass of iced (green with jasmine) tea that feels beyond luxurious.

Stupidly early starts and late finishes (I’m my own boss so only have myself to blame) are far easier with even just one 20 minute sunshine reading break. On days where the sunshine has lasted longer and I’ve been based from home, I’ve had a few mini holidays in a few hours.

Yesterday, a waterfront lunch with a (also self-employed) friend I hadn’t seen in ages made working until midnight less annoying.

Am also thinking of ways to get as many sea swims in as possible – the memory of just one late last summer kept me going throughout the winter so I want to maximise it this year.

How can you use the ‘novelty value’ of sunshine and warmth in this part of the world to really make the most of the glorious (for as long as it lasts) weather?
What are your favourite sunshiny things to do?

Drinks with neighbours?

Sitting outside with a good book?

Outdoor swimming?

Eating al fresco?

Picking fruit?

Filling the paddling pool?

Painting favourite scenes?

You might want to make a playlist of your favourite summer sounds from different years and even decades to help warm up the chilliest, darkest winter day.

Think about ways to make the most of summer flavours, too – which of your favourite flavours are in season? How can you create lasting memories? For example, berries freeze really well so you can pick them (or buy them) now and enjoy them for many months to come.

It can also feel easier to reach out to people when we’re outside more often.

Think about spontaneous football / hopscotch / baseball games with kids and neighbours. Yes it’s 2013 but you’d be surprised how lovely most people are and how many crave connection.

Dare you knock for some neighbours to see if they’re ‘coming out to play?’ Even if they can’t make it, they’ll like being asked. And even if they think you odd for asking, you’re only asking if they want to have some fun, not requesting a kidney. Use your judgment but have fun.

Think back over your whole lifetime of summer memories. What have been your favourite times? How can you recreate even a taste of that in your life today?

Talk to your friends / partner / kids. What are their favourite summertime things to do? You might be surprised by how simple many of these things will be to recreate.

We can’t control the weather (although we’ll hopefully start doing more to reverse climate change) but we can make the most of what we’ve got.

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