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Is your spirit trying to get your attention?


I’ve spent a delightful few days in Florence (via Paris) this week at a Psychosynthesis Research Conference about putting the soul in professional practice.

You can read my fuller post about the conference etc here but, to summarise, what is your soul/spirit/whatever you want to call it trying to say to you?

Hallowe’en will soon be upon us. While traditionally a time to reflect on the veil between our world and the mysteries we don’t understand as well as remembering loved ones who’ve passed on, we can use it as a time to reconnect with our own spirit.

Perhaps it’s so long since you’ve done anything to benefit this often neglected part of yourself that it feels like bringing it back to life might be impossible. But a surprisingly small amount of care and attention can yield enormous results.

Julia Cameron (of The Artist’s Way fame) talks about ‘refilling the well’. Sonia Choquette suggests giving your spirit a name and having every day conversations with it so it plays a larger role in your life.

If you tune in with this wisest part of yourself (whatever you want to call it) right now, and just ask, ‘What do you need from me, right now?’ you might get a clear answer (‘Seaside! Woods! River! Painting! Singing! Rock climbing! Library!* Or whatever else your soul craves) or it may feel a bit murky.

That’s fine. You’re learning an almost forgotten language if it’s been a long time since you connected with your spirit.

Something else you might want to play with is pausing before answering any question and just checking in with your whole body to ask, ‘Does the idea of my eating this slice of gateaux / visiting so and so / going to that party / taking on this piece of work / whatever you’re contemplating lift my spirits? Or does the very idea drain me like a zombie sucking the life from my brains or a vampire from my blood?’

It might sound like the silliest, most self-indulgent thing possible (essentially, do you feel like doing whatever?) but the more you pay attention to your needs and go with your inner wisdom, the easier all of life will get.

Sure, there’ll be times when you can’t (perhaps you have to visit someone who drains you) but even acknowledging to yourself that this is harming your spirit can enable you to ensure you do something really good for your soul as soon as possible afterwards.

I’d love to hear how you get on – you can comment here or email eve@feelbettereveryday.co.uk

And if you’d like to find out more about my psychosynthesis counselling, coaching, yoga therapy and other mind, body, heart and soul practices to help you work at your wellbeing and feel better every day, you can visit the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy in Essex (or wherever, via Skype and telephone).

* I’m a bit geeky and adore checking out public libraries wherever I am in the world. Florence’s was particularly delightful as, in addition to quiet rooms filled with books (something that soothes my soul), they also boast a beautiful courtyard (pictured above) and the café overlooks the stunning Catedral Santa Maria del Flores (pictured below).

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  1. belle365.co.uk
    October 29, 2013

    Eve, did you study at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust by any chance? Or know of it? I work for a charity whose CEO is the founder of the Trust!

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