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The Wheel of Wellbeing

Last week someone at work made me cry. I don’t normally let emotion get the better of me in the workplace, but this particular exchange sent me over the edge – I was made to feel my professionalism and ability to do my job was being called into question, and it made me feel defensive and upset. Ironically, the incident occurred fifteen minutes before I was due to attend a ‘Happiness Seminar’ which was being put on by Team London Bridge as part of its #lovelunch series of free lunchtime events for professionals. I wasn’t going to go as I felt too embarrassed to sit in a room full of strangers discussing happiness when my puffy eyes demonstrated just how miserable I was, but my colleague frogmarched me down there. And within five minutes of being there I was so glad she did.

The lady running the workshop was from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and she introduced us to the theory behind the ‘Wheel of Wellbeing’ concept which, in a nutshell, is that we need to do the following six things to achieve wellbeing in our daily lives: be active (body); keep learning (mind); give (spirit); connect (to people); take notice (of the place/s where we are) and care (for the planet). She taught us that we should not expect our stressful working environments to change, and instead should seek out ways to help us cope better with the daily stressors we encounter – for example by taking five minutes away from our computer every hour to sit with our feet on the floor, our hands on our laps and our eyes closed, to breathe deeply and scan our minds and bodies for signs of stress, then simply let them go. Even mini meditations like this can vastly improve our wellbeing and overall energy levels, said our teacher.

By the time I got back to my desk I felt much calmer and more level-headed. And the experience got me thinking: If everyone tried to incorporate the principles of the Wheel of Wellbeing into their lives, might the world not be a more agreeable and loving place?




About Belle365

Hi, I’m Belle. Thanks for stopping by. Here's a list of ten things about me: 1. I want to write, but rarely do it. This tortures me daily, and, unless I seek to remedy it by writing more often, will continue to torture me until my dying day. 2. I worry: about hate, about greed, about selfishness, about the state of the world my (God willing) children will inherit. I worry about what people think of me. I worry that this makes me shallow. I worry about things happening to my loved ones. I worry how I would cope. I worry that this makes me selfish. I worry that worrying will send me to an early grave. But I'm so good at worrying that I also wonder what I would do if I wasn't worrying. Probably more writing (see point 1)....Oh. 3. I see myself as two people (though, as far as I am aware, I am not technically schizophrenic): a) the fancy dress loving party girl, who loves nothing more than having fun with her friends, because she has seen through her own experiences that life is short, so why not enjoy the ride? b) the more serious and reflective person who wants to learn and to help people and to find her higher purpose (I suspect it is also she who really, really wants to write). Sometimes these sides are conflicting. Fortunately they are in total agreement when it comes to chocolate, red wine and travel. 4. I don't see myself as an ardent feminist, but the older I get the more frustrated I feel by the societal view of women and ageing. Having just hit the metabolically displeasing age of 35 (now officially past it according to the massive wankflap that is Donald Trump, as well as virtually every media outlet on the planet, whether they overtly state it or not) I hate the fact I am made (and have let myself be manipulated) to feel that my fertility is now teetering on the edge of a clifftop free fall, and that even if I do negotiate this rocky march towards infertility and manage a miracle procreation, my usefulness as a financially solvent career woman will be over, seeing as having a baby in your mid to late thirties is pretty much akin to career suicide. It's enough to make you want to drown yourself in a vat of wine (hence why I often don a wig and do just that - see point 3a). 5. The older I get, the more I realise that you are never too old to love drum and bass (whether you are ever too old to publicly dance to drum and bass is an issue I am currently grappling with). Ditto UK garage. I will never be ashamed of these two great loves. Never. 6. Speaking of great loves, I have two: my husband, who (sickening as it is) completes me, and Leonardo DiCaprio, whom I have loved since I first laid eyes on him as Romeo to Kate Winslet's Juliet, and will love until my dying day (likewise the husband, all being well). As much as I like Kate Winslet, I will never forgive her for leaving him on that door. There was definitely room for two. 7. I am riddled with self doubt, and have a serious case of imposter syndrome, particularly in relation to my fourteen year communications career. I have never understood how anyone could deem me capable of running their campaigns. The lack of complaints would suggest I haven't made a total balls up of it so far. But there's still time. 8. Infinity and death frighten me senseless. I can't even talk about the universe without breaking into a sweat. I need to believe in life after death because death CANNOT be the end. I should probably have some (more) counselling to address these issues. 9. If procrastination were an Olympic sport, I would win Gold, Silver and Bronze (to give an example, I sat down an hour ago to work on my new novel, and instead have been updating this bio. I refer you to point 1. Sigh). 10. I make more lists than Buzzfeed. When I die, besides having Oasis's Champagne Supernova played at my funeral (deep breaths - see point 8), I should probably have a To Do list inscribed on my headstone for when I reach the other side...


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